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Ilana Glazer from Broad City is all about living for herself, and is always up to something with her friend Abbi. While we were all enjoying her TV persona, Glazer secretly got married earlier this year! And she was just as low-key when it came to announcing her marriage as she was about revealing her relationship! Here’s everything you need to know about Ilana Glazer’s husband, David Rooklin.

Not many people in showbiz keep things simple. Ilana Glazer is one of them, and it shows! She was dating David Rooklin for five years before they got married earlier this year, and if it weren’t for comedy writer Chioke Nassor, we might not even know they tied the knot! We’re really happy for the couple, and are sharing five facts you need to know about Ilana Glazer’s husband, David Rooklin.

#1. David Rooklin Works at NYU

Rooklin graduated from Oberlin College with a biochemistry degree. He then went for his Ph.D. in computational biology at NYU between 2006 and 2012. Dr. Rooklin then became a teaching assistant at at NYU, where he is now a postdoctoral research scientist. It looks like it was while working at NYU that Rooklin met Glazer, as the two have been dating since 2013.

#2. He’s a Scientist

The two met under some strange circumstances it seems, as they are from two shockingly different worlds. Glazer said on Live with Kelly and Ryan, “He’s in science so he doesn’t know comedy, we met in Washington Square Park and we just made eyes and it was like, ‘Damn.’” We know that opposites attract, and it seems to have worked for Rooklin and Glazer! The actress seems to be smitten by her husband’s ways, and mentioned going to Iceland for their honeymoon without really planning ahead. “Dave and I are stupid about those things. We just like to walk and talk,” she said. “Honestly driving is the most beautiful thing…we felt like we were on drugs or something driving. ‘Is some experience bleeding over that this is so insane.”


#3. Rooklin and Galzer Think Alike

Ilana Glazer and David Rooklin both share similar thought processes and beliefs. They are both open about their non-diplomatic political views, as well. Though their backgrounds are different, it definitely looks like these two have a lot in common! As seen on their Instagram accounts, the two are very vocal about politics, and their opinions about the current U.S. government.

I don't even know what to say. Life is ?s and @hillaryclinton is a phenomenon. #Hillary2016 #BCS3

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#4. Rooklin Is a Proud Feminist

Just like his wife, Rooklin is a proud feminist who believes that women should be equal to men. Glazer even shared a picture of her husband wearing a cap with “feminist” written on the lip, calling him “a real man” in the caption. David Rooklin’s Instagram account is riddled with science-related stuff and molecular structures! But on rare occasions, he posts pictures of himself and his wife!

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#5. David Rooklin and Ilana Glazer Dated for 5 Years

While Ilana Glazer on Live with Kelly and Ryan last month, she spoke about her casual wedding and life as a married woman. She told Kelly Ripa, “We’ve been together for five years this month.” When Ripa pressed further for details about the wedding, Glazer said,“It was pretty casual and just chill.” Well, if their wedding is anything like the talented actress, we can also bet that it was amazing!

two jewish witches ?⚡️✨ #tbt ? @chiokenassor

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