The world of Youtube celebrities is an interesting place and if you are just peeking in from the outside, it may seem weird. People with names like Filthy Frank, Markiplier, and Pewdiepie inhabit a world that often feels like it’s mainlining caffeine and jacking its energy tenfold! Idubbbz is the latest of the Youtube stars who have made a name for himself with somewhat questionable antics. The old stereotype of someone like Idubbbz would be that he’s a nerd that has no life or a real job and lives alone in his parent’s basement. But these days, the truth is that many of these Youtubers make some serious bank, get out of the house a lot, and have significant others, including Idubbbz. If you’ve ever seen any of his Youtube videos, you may find this hard to believe but there is an Idubbbz girlfriend 2018! Who is Idubbbz girlfriend? You are about to find out.

Her Name is Anisa Jomha

Who is Idubbbz dating? Given some of his videos, you’ve got to wonder, who could put up with that? Well, the woman who puts up with that is named Anisa Jomha and she’s a bit of a star in her own right. According to online information, Anisa is originally from Alberta, Canada and came to fame as a Twitch streamer under the name raihnbowkidz. Specifically, Anisa was streaming League of Legends, which is an online multiplayer battle arena game. Anisa was a self-described “boobie streamer.”

Boobie streamers are essentially female Twitch streamers who tend to use cleavage as part of their stream. Typically, push-up bras and low-cut shirts, tanks tops, etc. There are many, many of these types of streamers out there but what makes Anisa a bit different is she decided to drop the gimmick and has now moved on to making Youtube videos. She has since dropped the raihnbowkidz tag and is just using her actual name.


Anisa now makes videos which are a combination of slices of her life and commentary on current trending topics. She also does a lot of AMA videos, including some with her folks. Anisa’s YouTube videos have a very nice honesty to them and she will openly talk about issues that not only affect her, but also affect other young women her age (like body issues.)

How Did She Hook Up with Idubbz?

The Anisa and Idubbbz dating timeline is actually a pretty nice story. As revealed in an AMA video she made, Anisa’s relationship with Idubbbz began through boredom. Anisa had recently attended Twitch Con and she had booked an extra day in San Diego. Sitting alone in the hotel while everyone else had left the day before, she was scrolling through Twitter when she noticed that Idubbbz was just tweeting away nonstop. Anisa tweeted back at him, basically asking Idubbbz to save her from her boredom. Idubbbz picked her up from the hotel and they went for tacos and ended up talking for hours. This turned into conversations when she got back home to Canada. Their relationship grew and eventually, Anisa packed up and headed to California to be closer to Idubbbz. Considering some of the material that Idubbbz has put out over the years, it’s a surprisingly sweet and cute story. Idubbbz’s girlfriend Anisa is pretty cool and you may want to give her videos a look!


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