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Broadway star and award-winning singer, Idina Menzel has dropped her much-awaited album today. The album, titled Idina, is her fifth studio album and the songs featured on it are very personal and introspective to the singer-songwriter, which is most likely why this album is self-titled.

“Queen of Swords”

The album features 12 tracks, four of which she released as singles in the past. She also released the music videos for “Queen of Swords” and “I See You” on her YouTube channel. You can listen to the album online via Spotify or download it on iTunes. The track listing is as follows:


  1. “Small World”
  2. “Like Lightning”
  3. “Queen of Swords”
  4. “I See You”
  5. “Everybody Knows”
  6. “Show Me”
  7. “Last Time”
  8. “I Do”
  9. “Cake”
  10. “Extraordinary”
  11. “Perfect Story”
  12. “Nothin’ in This World”

In an interview with, Menzel said, “I don’t know how not to be honest with my music”. The actress and musician has had a very successful professional life. Her singing talent was recognized by her outstanding performance in the Broadway production, Rent. She also performed in the hit musical Wicked, as the lovable lead Elphaba, for which she won a Tony Award.

“Perfect Story”

While her professional success has been soaring, her personal life was a bit of a mess. Her hectic work-life had taken a toll on her marriage, leading to her divorce with Broadway actor and her Rent co-star, Taye Diggs. Her experience getting through this tough time in her life makes this album very personal to her. “I went through the hardest time in my life while writing this album – a beautiful, successful time, and also a very tumultuous, complicated time in my personal life, and so it’s very intimate,” she said in an interview.

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Her song, “Perfect Story” is dedicated to her seven-year-old son. Menzel, who knows the pain of divorced parents, didn’t want her son to go through what she did. Getting divorced from Taye Diggs made her feel guilty towards her son, but also motivated her to spend more quality time with him outside work.


She opened up about her track called “Like Lightning” to Entertainment Weekly, explaining that it’s “about the search for that part of us we lose over time.”

“Like Lightning”

The 45-year-old singer, who’s appeared in the musical drama Glee, became a household name known for the smash hit, “Let it go” from the blockbuster animated movie, Frozen. The song went on to become an award-winning anthem and Menzel even performed the song at the Academy Awards. She will be once again lending her voice to the Ice Queen, Elsa in the upcoming sequel to Frozen.

Menzel’s next project will be tackling Bette Middler’s iconic character, CC Bloom in the TV remake of the 1988 film, Beaches. She had initially turned down the offer, but eventually accepted the role later on. Even the Divine “Miss M” herself gave her thumbs up to Menzel in a tweet!


Menzel’s album “Idina” was released today and the songstress has a host of events scheduled to promote her songs. You can check out her website to find out more about her CD-signing events and shows!


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