There’s a feud brewing between superheroes! Hugh Jackman, a.k.a. Wolverine, may have beef with Ryan Reynolds, (a.k.a. Deadpool) on the cusp of Reynolds’ hero movie release. Or rather, maybe it’s more accurate to say that they’re too into their characters and it’s Wolverine that has an issue with Deadpool!

Jackman took to Instagram to post a picture of a Deadpool cosplayer posing in a “sexy” manner (the character Deadpool isn’t right in the head, even showing awareness of being a fictional character). If the hands and frame look strange, it’s because they’re from a screenshot from the ‘90s X-Men animated series; the hands belong to, of course, Wolverine. The image is actually part of a popular meme, where different pictures are Photoshopped into the frame, which Wolverine looks at longingly.

Hugh Jackman


Given the quotation marks and that he signed it “W,” the post’s text is likely him being in character as the mutant, writing, “Oh @vancityreynolds you’re so damn pretty in your shiny red suit – cue the special effects BARF!!” Reynolds, or rather Deadpool, has yet to respond, though he may be saving the exchange for an inevitable on-screen battle or team-up, as the two characters have a lot in common; they’re both results of the Weapon X program and have powerful healing factors (though Deadpool’s are stronger).

Ryan Reynolds has obviously been busy doing promotional work for the film, but he still found time to spend with his wife, Blake Lively. Of course, it was on a giant, Deadpool-themed throne, with Reynolds cupping Lively’s chest. Lively posted the picture on Instagram and humorously captioned it, “Two Deadpools, one cup.” If nothing else, it certainly fits the Deadpool character!

Blake Lively

The Deadpool movie releases this Friday, February 12, and advanced screenings have received positive reviews thus far. There’s no word on if Hugh Jackman makes a cameo appearance in the film, but given reports that there is an after-credits scene, it’s certainly possible.


Feature Photo: Facebook/DeadpoolMovie
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Photo: Instagram/blakelively
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