Being one of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood, it probably takes quite a big name to make Hugh Jackman feel starstruck. But that’s exactly what seems to have happened, and in Japan of all places.

Jackman is in Japan promoting his new movie Pan, and he had the chance to meet someone with serious celebrity status—Jiro Ono, a famous 85-year-old sushi chef and owner of the iconic Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant in Tokyo. Jackman posted a picture of himself with Ono, presumably at the restaurant, along with the caption, “Mr. Jiro It is my honor.” The post has since been retweeted over 2,300 times and favorited more than 4,300 times.

Despite the success of his restaurant, Jiro Ono really shot to fame after the 2011 release of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a critically acclaimed documentary by director David Gelb.


Hugh Jackman is just one of the many celebrities who frequent the restaurant. (Jackman actually tweeted a picture with Jiro Ono back in 2012, and wrote in the caption, “Out of this world. One of the greatest meals of my life.”) Other famous diners include President Barack Obama, Anne Hathaway, and Drew Barrymore.

If you happen to be visiting Japan are interested in checking out the place, you’re going to need to plan well in advance, as the restaurant reportedly only has 10 tables (some of which are presumably reserved for A-listers like Hugh Jackman). Prices start at 30,000 yen (a little less than $300 USD), which gives you a full meal with about 20 pieces of sushi.

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