Tommy Chong is known for being an advocate for marijuana. He’s made a whole career out of it with his partner Cheech Marin—their Cheech & Chong movies and comedy albums were huge in the ‘70s and ‘80s and the duo even picked up a Grammy Award in 1973.

It’s no surprise then that virtually everything on Tommy Chong’s Twitter page has to do with smoking weed and getting high. While they’re usually pretty amusing to read, his posts can sometimes come across as a little alarming, especially when there’s no context to them, like the one he posted early this morning: “So stoned can’t talk can’t walk got lost in my backyard. Had to call for help I’ve fallen an I can’t get up [sic].”

On the other hand though, Chong openly credits medical marijuana for helping get through some serious health issues. The comedian revealed back in June that he’s been diagnosed with rectal cancer, three years after surviving prostate cancer, and he’s been using cannabis to help with his treatment. “I’m using cannabis as a painkiller and I’m using cannabis oil as a preservative. I use a lot of oil and a lot of painkilling,” Chong said in a recent interview. He also added that once he completes the latest run of chemotherapy and radiation, he’ll likely be going in for surgery to make sure the tumor is all clear.


In the meantime, Chong, who regained popularity after competing in the last season of Dancing with the Stars, is keeping busy with a new online talk show and sketch comedy called Almost Legal. The show features musical acts and celebrity guests who will discuss issues that affect the status and perception of pot smokers.

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