At 51 years old, actor Tom Cruise is tired of being single, and he’s rumored to be enlisting the Church of Scientology to help him find a new wife. But it’s not going to be easy because, according to one source, he’s got a list of conditions that the new wife has to meet before marriage is even an option. On top of her being in the entertainment industry and a practicing Scientologist for at least five years, Cruise’s new wife also has to be “brainy and in her mid to late 30s” in order to be true marriage material.

The church is reportedly holding auditions on Cruise’s behalf to find the actor a suitable wife. “Tom needs to be strict about his criteria because he wants to avoid a disastrous match and he needs them to understand his hectic lifestyle and all that comes with it,” the source told Grazia magazine. The actor has supposedly met a few women, but none of them were quite up to his standards for a wife, at least not yet, because he’s still “keeping his options open for now.”

It has been just over a year since Cruise’s divorce from 34-year-old actress Katie Holmes was finalized. The celebrity couple’s marriage ended in 2012 after Holmes unexpectedly filed for divorce. Sources claimed that she left her older husband because she was tired of being controlled by him and also out of fear that Scientology would ruin her daughter’s life.


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