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Rafael Nadal is one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Though he is nicknamed, ‘The King of Clay,’ he has won tennis tournaments on every playing surface there is. Just check out his career record! He has won 14 Grand Slam singles titles, the 2008 Olympic Gold medal in singles and 28 ATP World Tour Masters titles. People often ask, “How tall is Rafael Nadal?” They are also curious about Rafael Nadal’s age. Don’t worry! We will tell you all this and more about Rafael Nadal.

Crazy about Tennis

Rafael Nadal’s height is 6’1” and he is 30 years old. He is considered the ‘greatest clay court player of all time.’ Nadal was born in Manacor, Spain to a businessman father and a homemaker mother. Nadal showed his affinity for sports at a very young age. His family remembers him playing tennis and football all the time, but his school work started to slip and he was given a choice. He had to choose any one sport to play. Nadal chose tennis and that is when his love affair with sport started.

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For the Love of Spain

Unlike many foreign players who go to America to play tennis, Nadal stayed back in Spain. His family took this decision so that his education would not suffer. His father paid for the expenses of learning tennis in Spain. Not surprisingly, Nadal has great love for his country and has represented Spain in the Davis Cup every time the opportunity presented itself. He has been in the Davis Cup winning team in 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2011.

Stuff of Legends

Nadal’s rivalries with Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray is the stuff of legends. It has brought out the best in Nadal and these three players, as well. Today when thousands of boys and girls in Spain line up to play tennis, it’s because of Nadal. By being a champion, he has inspired several generations of children to take up the game.


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