How Much Should You Really Spend On a Gift For Your Older Man?


You don’t always expect money to be an issue in a May-December relationship, especially when it’s a younger woman dating an older man, but around the holidays, things can get a little more complicated. From what we’ve seen here at, a lot of women who are in a relationship with an older man feel the need to step up at Christmas and get him an extravagant gift, sort of as a thank you for everything he does for you the rest of the year. If this sounds like you and your May-December relationship, you’re not the only one who’s feeling the pinch.

According to a recent study by SunTrust Banks, Inc., almost 40% of Americans feel the pressure to spend more on holiday shopping than they can afford to. And it doesn’t get better over time—nearly three-quarters (73%) of the adults surveyed said that they expect their financial stress will either be the same or more than last year. That might be because 39% of them plan on just spending during the holidays and then worry about the bill afterwards.

The truth is that you really don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to commemorate your May-December relationship this holiday season. Instead of splurging on expensive big-ticket items that your older man could afford himself if he really wanted it, there are plenty of sentimental gift ideas that are not only less expensive, but much more thoughtful.

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What do you think: If you’re in a May-December relationship with an older man, do you still find that you overspend for the holidays?


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