Brain teaser alert! An Instagram photo has sent the social media world into frenzy. The optical illusion was posted last week and has started the hottest online debate of the moment. But the question remains: exactly how many girls are in Tiziana Vergari’s photo?

Before you answer that question, you should know that thousands have already tried and failed. With guesses ranging from just one girl to as many as 13, people just can’t seem to agree on the number. However, if you check photographer Tiziana Vergari’s Instagram comment section now, you’ll see that some people are still baffled. (You can see the full photo below.)

Tizzia Vergari


Photo Credit: Instagram/tizzia

One commenter says, “4 you can identify reading the slates on the dress [sic].” Another argues that “the mirror probably is set between girl 4 and girl 5. The face of girl 5 is a bit different than the face of girl 1. So girl 4 is not the reflection of girl 1.”

Vergari has actually confirmed that there are in fact only two girls in the picture. Some say the two girls may be her daughters. The way the reflections occur makes it difficult for the brain to interpret that fact, but it’s as true as 1+1=2!

This isn’t the first time social media has been taken for a ride with optical illusions. Just last year, the Internet all but lost its mind trying to figure out the colour of the now-infamous black and blue dress—or was white and gold? Who knows? Even celebrities were acting up with Taylor Swift jumping in on the debate saying “PS it’s OBVIOUSLY BLUE AND BLACK.”

At least this debate has a clear answer, thanks to Tiziana herself confirming the number of girls. We’ll wait and see what’s on the brain-buster horizon next year. To think, counting sheep used to be a thing!


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