How Many Dates Should You Go on with an Older Man Before You Have Sex? (ANSWER!)


It’s a dating question that has plagued people for years, and age gap dating is no simpler—how many dates do you go on before having sex? Of course, every couple is different, but for once, we might actually be able to put on a number on it.

According to a survey of more than 11,000 people around the world, that golden number is 3.53 dates, or halfway through your fourth date. This was the average number calculated from all of the responses. In other words, on average, people think it’s appropriate to get down and dirty with a new age gap dating partner, or at least expect sex, after the third date. Only 10% of the respondents think that sex after a first date is a reasonable request. So if you’re thinking of an age gap hookup right away, you may want to think again.

The study also revealed a few other interesting findings. For instance, you may want to try an age gap dating site if you haven’t already, as 60% of the respondents got the highest number of dates through online dating—sometimes it’s nice to have options. However, if you’re really looking to forge a meaningful connection in age gap dating, try turning to your friends—62% of respondents said that their most enjoyable dates are the ones whom they met through friends.

Also, while an age gap hookup on a first date might be off the table for most people, more than half (53%) of dates end with a kiss, 40% result in a second date, and almost a third (28%) end in disappointment.


So, how do your own age gap dating adventures par up to these worldwide dating stats?


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