The Full House series could have been very different if John Stamos had gotten what he wanted back in the day—he almost got the famous Olsen twins (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) axed from playing Michelle Tanner on the now classic sitcom.

A clip was recently released for the upcoming Lifetime movie Unauthorized Full House Story and in it, the actor portraying Stamos is shown complaining about how it takes too long to finish a scene because of the toddlers.

In a recent interview, Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse on the show, admitted that there was some truth to the scene, because he did have a hard time working with such young actors. “It is sort of true that the Olsen twins cried a lot,” said Stamos. “It was very difficult to get the shot. So that is actually 100% accurate.”


He also admitted that he approached producers to try and get the twins replaced, but his plan didn’t really work out the way he thought it would. He says the producers brought in a few other kids, and the cast tried working with them, but everyone ultimately agreed that it would be best to bring back the Olsen twins.

Unauthorized Full House Story will supposedly cover the rise of the sitcom and its actors. John Stamos, for one, doesn’t have a problem with the way the movie portrays him. “I find humor in all of it,” said the 51-year-old actor.

Meanwhile, Stamos is busy working on his own Full House project—a Netflix spin-off series called Fuller House. Stamos is producing and will also be reprising his role as Jesse Katsopolis. Much of the other cast is already on board with the new series, but the Olsen twins are still a maybe.

Unauthorized Full House Story airs on Lifetime on August 22, and Fuller House debuts on Netflix in 2016.



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