How Important Is Good Sex In Your May-December Relationship?


When you’re dating a sugar daddy, sex is always a hot topic. Everyone wants to know what the sex is like for a younger woman who’s intimate with a much older man, but what about his satisfaction in the bedroom? A recent survey out of the U.K. revealed that for a lot of men, sexual satisfaction is a priority in the relationship. One in six men admitted that they would end the relationship if sex with their partner wasn’t satisfying enough. Furthermore, a quarter of the men surveyed believe that sex that ends in an orgasm is more important for relationships than being in love with their partner.

The even scarier part? Only 17% of the men said that they were “very happy” with the sex in their relationship, which is not bad compared to the mere 6% of women who felt the same way. The biggest reason cited for why sex didn’t end in a satisfying orgasm was tiredness and exhaustion.

If you’re worried that sex with your sugar daddy isn’t as hot as it could be, here are some ways to try and heat things up: almost half of the females surveyed said that more foreplay before sex helped with a better finish, nearly 40% of women said that oral sex did the trick, and 35% of women said that sex toys made a big difference. According to the survey, the same things work when it comes to pleasing your man. With a little effort, there’s no reason you both can’t finish with a bang every time the bedroom door closes.

What do you think: Would you leave your older man if the sex in your relationship was less than satisfactory?



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