Everybody’s beloved Ann Morgan Guilbert passed away on Tuesday (June, 14). If you are wondering how did Ann Morgan die then to answer your question, she died due to cancer. Her daughter, Nora Eckstein, said she was 87 when she died in Los Angeles. She won everybody’s heart by playing the role of Millie Helper on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

She was an American television and film actress born on October 16, 1928, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Dr. Gerald Guilbert and Cornelia Guilbert. She started her career as a singer and a performer in the Billy Barnes Revues. She made guest appearances in many shows such as, The Andy Griffith Show, American Style, Adam-12, Love, Seinfeld, and Picket Fences.

Apart from television series, she was also featured in several films, namely, Viva Max!, A Guide for the Married Man, Please Give, and The Nanny Reunion: A Nosh to Remember.

Ann Morgan was married to writer George Eckstein, and their marriage lasted for 13 years before they got divorced in 1966. The couple has two daughters: Nora Eckstein and Hallie Todd. Ann Morgan got married a second time, to Guy Raymond in 1967, and that marriage lasted till 1997 until Raymond’s death.

Over her career that spanned 40 years in Hollywood, she starred in a number of television shows and movies. We have compiled a list of five of her best TV shows and movies. Have a look at them.

Ann Morgan’s Five Best Movies & TV Shows

The Dick Van Dyke Show (TV Series)

This is one of the best tv shows of Ann Morgan Guilbert. The show has won 15 Emmy Awards. Guilbert played the role of Millie, who is the wife of Jerry Helper, a dentist. They are neighbors of the Petrie family. They were shown as really good neighbors to the Petrie family. Guilbert earned her fame from this show.

The Nanny (TV Series)

In this American television sitcom that aired from 1993-1999, Guilbert played the role of Yetta Rosenberg, also known as Grandma Yetta. Her character was based on Fran Drescher real grandmother who passed away in 2007. She played Fran Fine’s (Drescher) grandma, who was often forgetful. Although she lived in the retirement home, she often used to visit her granddaughter at the Sheffield home. She was portrayed as quite witty and funny in the show and adored her granddaughter.

The Fanelli Boys (TV Series)

On this show, Guilbert played the role of Theresa Fanelli. After her husband’s death in the show, Theresa plans to sell her business, which is a funeral home, to her son. After selling her business, she plans to move from Brooklyn, New York, to Florida. However, stopping her from doing this are her three sons. One dropped out of school, the other son’s engagement broke, and the third son always gets into trouble. Her eldest son realizes that the funeral home is in a lot of debt, so she is back home with all her sons just like before. To get out of debt, several people give her their own opinions. Although this show hardly received any positive reviews, her role in the series was quite impressive.

Please Give

Released in the year 2010, this movie was directed by Nicole Holofcener and stars Catherine Keener. It is a dark comedy movie that features several stars such as Amanda Peet, Rebecca Hall, Ann Morgan Guilbert, Oliver Platt, Elizabeth Keener, Lois Smith, and Kevin Corrigan. It is a simple and sweet story about a woman who has a lot of things going on in her head including her furniture store, her daughter, her marriage, and her neighbors. Guilbert played the role of the old neighbor who refuses to leave the apartment until she dies. She is portrayed to be grumpy. For this role she earned the CFA (California Film Award) for best supporting actress.

Grumpier Old Men

Who does not like a romantic-comedy movie filled with lot of confusion? This is a fun filled movie and Guilbert plays the role of Francesca. In the movie she plays the role of Maria Ragetti’s (Sophia Loren) mother. Francesca is dating Burgess Meredith’s character in the movie, but she is also worried about her daughter’s five failed marriages. Well, she does justice to the role and plays a doting mother’s role. This movie is a sequel to the comedy classic Grumpy Old Men.