Love is in the air, as this Sunday marks Valentine’s Day for 2016. While you’re probably more concerned about how you’re going to show that special someone in your life how much you care, you may also be wondering what today’s hottest celebs are doing in the name of love this weekend; after all, they likely have better resources and might even be a good source of inspiration! Here’s a look at how celebrities are planning to spend Valentine’s Day in 2016.

  • Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston: Having wed in August of last year, this will be the celebrity couple’s first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife. However, their hectic schedules have meant already having to put in some work to spend time together, and it’s affected their Valentine’s plans. Theroux explained that while “you gotta take care of each other on Valentine’s Day, every day,” things don’t always go as planned. “We’ve actually scratched our dinner plans because I’m tired so we’re probably just going to put on pajamas and catch up on some Netflix,” said Theroux. This may seem lame, but as long as you’re together, who cares what you do, right?
  • Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka: It looks like the famous pair has made Valentine’s Day not only about themselves, but also their children, twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace. An Instagram post from Harris shows the family all together at the table doing, “Pre-school Valentine’s Day prep with @dbelicious and the Wonder Twins.” Judging by the mess of color and supplies all over the table, they’re making the best of their time together even before February 14th!


  • Eva Longoria and José Bastón: This celebrity couple has probably already been in full-on love mode for a while, having gotten engaged in mid-December last year. The Telenovela star and her husband-to-be will reportedly be hosting a “couples’ war” game on Valentine’s Day, in which they will invite some friends and have a contest that consists of “minute-to-win-it games.” If this sounds simple, don’t be surprised; she also has similar plans for her and Bastón’s future wedding, hoping to keep it low-key—possibly even eloping! Also expect Longoria to treat more people to Valentine’s chocolate between now and Sunday, as she continues her “Public Displays” campaign with GODIVA.
  • Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde: This acting duo has been engaged for two years and has a child together, but their love burns just as bright as ever. This year, they’ll be making a trip to Canada, but it’s not for the reasons you may think. As Sudeikis revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the celebrity couple is visiting Toronto to take part in this year’s NBA All-Star weekend. Sudeikis will actually be playing in the All-Star Celebrity game on Friday, and then the pair will watch the three-point and dunk contests on Saturday and the All-Star Game itself on Sunday, Valentine’s Day. When DeGeneres jokingly called their plans, “romantic,” Jason Sudeikis simply replied, “Right?”
  • Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth: Not everyone makes Valentine’s Day out to be about romantic love! Reese Witherspoon is one such person, as she appears to be spending the day with her children. On Instagram, the star posted an image of the personalized treats she’s made for sons Deacon and Tennessee, with no mention of husband Jim Toth in sight! But with the hashtag “LoveIsInTheAir,” it’s clear she knows what she’s doing.



  • Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively: Ryan Reynolds has spoken about his plans for his wife this Sunday—sort of. When recently asked about his plans, the actor replied, “I’ve been in about 15 countries in 20 days. But I will come up with something spectacular.” And he likely means it; Reynolds has done things for Lively before that only a man hopelessly in love would so, such as fly halfway across the world just to spend a single day with her.  That being said, he’ll likely also be distracted with constantly checking the news, as he’ll want to keep tabs on the box office for the first weekend of his new film, Deadpool, which releases Friday, February 12. Perhaps his special Valentine’s surprise for Blake Lively will involve wearing the Deadpool costume; it is skin-tight, if nothing else!

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