Christmas is finally here, which means now’s the last chance to share your unique holiday décor! Everyone loves to use social media to show off what they’ve done with their trees, homes, and yards to display their holiday spirit. And why would celebs be any different? By now you’ve probably come across many celebrities’ Christmas trees, but trust us when we say that you likely haven’t seen the half of it yet! That being said, how celebrities celebrate Christmas can differ like night and day. So from simple to extravagant, here are the 10 best celebrities Christmas posts on Instagram this year:

1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Photo: Instagram/ladygaga

What Christmas tree would be complete without a half-naked merman? Lady Gaga’s tree also features seashells, keeping with the nautical—albeit not very Christmas’y—theme. Then again, when has Lady Gaga ever been known to stick to conformity?


2. Kris Jenner:

Kris Jenner

Photo: Instagram/krisjenner

The entire front foyer of Kris Jenner’s home has been dressed to the nines with an almost excessive amount of trees and lights. Jenner’s candy cane theme probably also make for a pleasant treat for the senses. When it comes to how celebrities celebrate Christmas, the Jenner/Kardashian clan definitely go above and beyond!

3. Katherine Heigl:

Katherine Heigl

Photo: Instagram/katherineheigl

The star’s Christmas tree returns to nature with its pinecones and woodland critter ornaments. She really stuck to the woodland theme, too, swapping the traditional star or angel tree topper seen on other celebrities’ Christmas trees for “a deer head made from branches.”

4. Katie Holmes:

Katie Holmes

Photo: Instagram/katieholmes212


A more traditional tree, the actress used just the right amount of lights to not overwhelm the tree. There are similarly few ornaments and they’re all spaced out; after all, sometimes less is more, which is why Katie Holmes’ tree still made it on to our list of the best celebrities Christmas posts on Instagram!

5. Reese Witherspoon:

Reese Witherspoon

Photo: Instagram/reesewitherspoon

A lot of white lights and a neat little star at the top make up this celebrity Christmas tree. Unlike other stars who go all out (refer back to number one on this list), Witherspoon’s décor just feels so warm and welcoming. As one commenter put it, “Finally a super star with a realistic tree [sic].”

6. Jesse Tyler Ferguson:

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Photo: Instagram/jessetyler


The Modern Family star went a little crazy with ribbons on his Christmas tree. The tree is also placed in front of a plate glass window, which adds a lot!

7. Jessica Simpson:

Jessica Simpson

Photo: Instagram/jessicasimpson

No focus on a tree this time, but rather a well-prepared dinner table for a holiday staff party is what got Jessica Simpson on this list of the best celebrities Christmas posts on Instagram. Don’t worry, though, a tree still managed to sneak into the shot, and a bright, multicolored ombré one at that!

8. Lucy Hale:

Lucy Hale

Photo: Instagram/lucyhale

This Pretty Little Liars star opted for a somewhat simple tree compared to other celebrities’ Christmas trees. It features a single string of what appear to be lights and perhaps beads lining the tree. As for the ornaments, the star went a bit bigger; some of them look to be as large as a person’s hand. The contrast makes for a pleasant sight.

9. Sofia Vergara:

Sofia Vergara

Photo: Instagram/sofiavergara


Talk about going all out! Sofia Vergara’s décor is exactly what you’d imagine about how celebrities celebrate Christmas. Her living room is covered in lights, including a light-up reindeer. The coffee table is also tastefully decorated with a huge bouquet of flowers and two mini gold Christmas trees.

10. Michelle Obama:

Michelle Obama

Photo: Instagram/michelleobama

The First Lady made sure to have a “patriotic tree in the Blue Room.” Dedicated to “servicemembers, veterans and their families,” it’s fitting that the tree is red, white, blue, and absolutely massive!

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