Catherine Zeta-Jones has made it pretty clear in the past that she’s disgusted by the prospect of divorce. She’s also admitted that stress made it harder for her to manage her bipolar disorder. So, how is she handling her recent split from her older husband, Michael Douglas, after two kids and 13 years of marriage? According to sources, she’s not doing so well.

As Zeta-Jones, 43, struggles to come to terms with the possible end of her marriage, an insider is saying that the actress has become a chain smoker, smoking up to two packs a day. Meanwhile, 68-year-old Douglas was in Europe promoting his latest movie, and his wife reportedly called him every chance she got, asking him to come home as soon as possible so that they could work on their marriage. The source also revealed that while Douglas has moved out of their family home in New York, Zeta-Jones’ mother has moved in to help look after her daughter and the celebrity couple’s kids. “Everyone’s really worried about [Zeta-Jones],” said the source, adding, “She’s suggested intense therapy sessions and has told Michael she doesn’t want it to end in divorce.”

It was revealed last month that the celebrity couple was taking some time apart to evaluate their marriage, although Douglas said that he was sure it was only temporary and that they would be able to work things out. Although they’re not living together at the moment, both Douglas and Zeta-Jones have been spotted wearing their wedding rings.


What do you think: Will Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones get back together?


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