Christpoher Polk/ Staff/ Getty

Demi Lovato is no stranger to performing on huge stages and in sold-out auditoriums, but once in a while, it still blows her mind that she’s come so far in her career.

The singer is scheduled to perform tonight in Dallas, Texas as part of this year’s artist lineup in iHeartRadio’s annual Jingle Ball concert. Having been raised in Dallas, this opportunity to perform in her hometown is almost surreal.

Lovato shared a touching story on Twitter about being a young girl who dreamt about the day she’d make it big as a star, and it all started with seeing one of her idols perform—Christina Aguilera.

In a series of tweets, Lovato admitted, “I woke up today and realized I’m playing at the arena I watched @xtina at. I remember my friend had second row seats and invited me so I got to watch so close to the stage. After geeking out for so long, I turned around, faced at the audience and told myself, ‘I will play this arena someday.’ Today I am playing in that same arena… [sic]”

The heartfelt messages just go to show that even huge celebrities like Demi Lovato who have spent years in the spotlight are really just normal people—after all, she’s still only 23 years old.

Lovato will be sharing this year’s Jingle Ball stage with One Direction, Ellie Goulding, Shawn Mendes, Calvin Harris, and a slew of other artists. After the first stop in Dallas tonight, the Jingle Ball concert will move on to 10 other U.S. cities. Fortunately for Demi Lovato fans, she’ll be performing in eight of them.