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Hollywood often puts the spot light on how celebrities look now compared to how they used to look before, and most of us are surprised to see almost all actresses being ageless beauties. Sadly, we’re now shocked to see how Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie looks today. Her recent appearances have her looking skinny and sickly, which makes us unwillingly wonder: is Angelina Jolie going to die soon?

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It isn’t news that fans of Hollywood celebrities often Google the “before and after” photos of their favorite actors and actresses to see how they have or haven’t aged at all. And, when one does this for Angelina Jolie, you just can’t ignore the weight loss that she gone through in the past three years.

As we check on the health update of Hollywood stars, its disheartening when we see recent appearances of the beautiful Angelina Jolie and get worried about the actress’s health. It’s quite noticeable how Jolie’s body is becoming a “skeletal frame,” and we wonder if the actress is weighing over hundred pounds or not? People started wondering about Angelina’s health especially when they began wondering what will happen to her family with Hollywood star Brad Pitt in case she unfortunately passes away.

Brad Pitt Worried about Angelina Jolie’s Health

While most of us remember how stunning she looked few years ago, the person most worried about Angelina Jolie is her caring husband Brad Pitt. Angelina’s health is one of the worst fears of Brad Pitt, who’s been happily with her for nearly a decade and got married to her in August 2014 and has six children with her.

According to statements quoted by News Everyday, a source close to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has revealed that Brad is doing all he can to get Angelina back to eating food, but the actress still goes through days without eating. The source even confessed that as a “wake-up call” to her, Brad has told her that he will divorce her if she doesn’t start eating regularly and become healthy again.

What’s Wrong with Angelina’s Health?

Inquisitr reported another source saying that Angelina is restraining herself from eating as a result of stress and depression due to being constantly working and being “emotionally overburdened.” The source also said that Angelina is “headed for a complete physical and emotional breakdown.”

We all know how Angelina Jolie had undergone treatment in 2013 to help her prevent developing cancer. To get rid of possibility of getting diagnosed with breast cancer in the future, Angelina underwent a preventive double mastectomy, which lowered the chances below five percent. This was done as a defective gene had been running in Angelina’s family and her mother as well as her aunt had died from cancer.

Even though the odds of her getting diagnosed with cancer are rare, her abnormal eating habits may result into a much weaker Angelina Jolie who may get sick for being less immune to common illnesses. Let’s hope that the stress on Jolie gets reduced and she goes back to eating normally so that she can be there for Brad Pitt and their children and live out a long, full life.