Last week, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton shared her views on internet access under her presidency—and was met with heavy resistance. This week, the former First Lady’s focus shifted to another hot-button issue: homosexuality. Did this platform of Clinton’s receive a better reception?

On December 6, Clinton posted a video to Twitter, along with the caption, “No one should face discrimination because of who they are and who they love. That’s why Hillary is #StillFighting.” The video, clocking in at a little over a minute long, depicts a variety of LGBT couples with a voiceover from Clinton, who reminds viewers that gay people are still denied things as simple as a cake because of their orientation and that the battle for true equality is not yet over.  The video ends with a simple request that it be retweeted.

A similar story was posted to Hillary Clinton’s Facebook page, linking to an article on the subject on the Democrat’s official site. The article notes how it was four years ago, while still serving as Secretary of State, that Clinton made a powerful statement: “Gay rights are human rights. Human rights are gay rights.”


The Twitter post saw over 2,100 likes and over 1,100 retweets, while the Facebook post was liked over 8,000 times. As for the comments, well, it seems to depend on which social media site you use. On Facebook, the feedback is largely positive, citing that Clinton would be a great president. One person even said that “Because of Hillary Clinton’s help in fighting for marriage equality 4 years ago, I was able to marry my partner of 25 years! Thank you Hillary Clinton!”

On Twitter, however, the comments are a lot more critical. Many people see her stance as nothing more than an insincere attempt to say what people want to hear, while others believe she has said or done things in the past that are in opposition of this current stance. Of course, it’s expected that a major national topic such as LGBT rights is going to have people on both sides of the fence, so it’s no wonder that Hillary Clinton would receive such a mixed bag of responses.


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