The Washington Post has reported that the FBI is checking the security and setup of Hillary Clinton’s personal e-mail account. Last week, they contacted the Denver-based tech firm that manages the intricate system.

They’ve also gotten in touch with Clinton’s attorney, David Kendall, to question him about the security of a thumb drive he possessed with the copies of Clinton’s work e-mails when she was Secretary of State.

This issue came into light in March when political rivals accused the Democratic presidential candidate of trying to avoid transparency and record-keeping laws.


While Kendall released a statement assuring their active cooperation, it has been revealed by anonymous government officials that Clinton sent four e-mails, if not more, containing classified content. However, she denies sending or receiving any sort of secret information using her private account.

The preliminary focus of the FBI’s probe at the moment is not to target wrongdoing on Clinton’s part, but rather to ensure that all classified material has been properly handled. However, the secure server system Clinton had installed in her home is raising concerns, because it allowed for a private communication channel that’s not within government control, and may contain classified information that can be compromised.

The state department has already been granted access to thousands of pages of e-mail correspondence from Clinton’s secure server, including almost 300 e-mails released back in May, another 3,000 pages of correspondence released in early July, and 1,356 more pages released just last week.


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