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The entire world is sitting back and watching the circus that is the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. With the Republican and Democratic parties rallying their support behind their prized presidential candidates (real-estate mogul Donald Trump and political prodigy Hillary Clinton), the presidential race promises to be a tight one.

Naturally, the question on everyone’s minds right now is, “Who is leading in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Polls?” Is it Donald Trump or is it Hillary Clinton? Only time will tell, and as American citizens wait for the election, eager voters are curiously searching for terms like, “Trump Clinton Poll,” “Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump Polls,” “Is Donald Trump leading the polls?” and “Is Hillary Clinton leading the polls?” Stay right where you are because we’re here to give you details on the latest developments in the presidential rat race.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) currently taking place in Philadelphia has been an eventful spectacle. With the ouster of the DNC committee’s chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Senator Bernie Sanders’ supporters protesting in the streets, and the array of speakers who graced the occasion with rousing speeches, the DNC has been a treat for voters to watch. The speakers included FLOTUS Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders and actresses such as Eva Longoria, Lena Dunham, Elizabeth Banks and America Ferrera, to name a few.


Is Donald Trump Leading the Polls or Is Hillary Clinton Leading the Polls? 

Well, let’s get down to it then. New polls surfacing during the DNC revealed that Donald Trump is leading over Hillary Clinton. The Republican National Convention (RNC) went in his favor giving him a slight edge over Clinton. She is poised to win in November, but we have to admit that the odds of an apparent victory seem to be shrinking as Trump’s ratings climb steadily. In a Reuters/Ipso poll released on July 26, it was established that Trump had overtaken Clinton in the election polls, for the first time since May. The two presidential candidates are approximately even in support.

The New York Times’ Upshot section states that Clinton has a 69% chance of becoming the president of the United States, based on the latest state and national polls. Clinton’s chances of losing, are greater than the probability of an NBA player missing a free throw. According to RealClear Politics, Trump ranks higher than Clinton by 1.1%, and is also leading in Kansas and Missouri. Clinton performed better than Trump in Vermont, Oregon, and Delaware. The website FiveThirtyEight predicts that Clinton has a chance of over 60%, of winning the presidency, while PredictWise, claims that Clinton’s odds are 67%.  Princeton Election Consortium, predicts that Clinton will become the leader of the free world by 65% votes.

Website Clinton’s Chances of Winning
FiveThirtyEight > 60%
The New Yok Times’ Upshot 69%
PredictWise 67%
Princeton Election Consortium 65%

These new polls were conducted before Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea Clinton made their respective speeches at the DNC. The election polls are subject to change, after President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden’s speeches at the DNC.

Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump Polls

Candidate Donald Trump Hillary Clinton
Reuters/Ipso Poll 39% 37%
USC Dornsife/ L.A. Times 47% 40.4%

Reuters/Ipso Poll

The latest Reuters/Ipso poll conducted between July 22 and 26 revealed that Trump has taken over the lead, while 24 percent voters chose neither of the presidential hopefuls. A possible reason for his victory could be the release of the shocking emails of DNC officials, that exposed their conspiracy to make Hillary Clinton the Democratic presidential candidate from the get-go by purposely sabotaging Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

USC Dornsife/ Los Angeles Times Poll

In latest news, Trump took a 7-point lead in a poll surveying 3,000 American citizens. This polling is done on a daily basis, sampling 400 people’s votes everyday. According to reports, Trump started getting ahead of Clinton from July 22, and the disparity has been continuously increasing since then. Let’s wait and see what happens next! Who do you think will make it to the White House? Will Trump “trump” Hillary? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below!


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