Is Hillary Clinton Renting Dan Bilzerian’s Party Plane?

Hillary Clinton

A plane rented by the press corps to follow Hillary Clinton across the U.S. could possibly be one that was the site of massive parties and wild sex. Multiple sources are reporting that the place hired to follow the Democratic presidential candidate around is registered to Goat Airways, an airline owned by mega-rich bro, Dan Bilzerian.

According to TMZ, the evidence that the plane leased is Dan Bilzerian’s plane is because of the tail number of the plane. It’s the same as a Goat Airways plane, and it’s unclear whether Clinton knows of the plane’s sordid past.

Another claim is that the plane has made many appearances on Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram, on which the businessman and avid gun-lover shares photos of his wild parties; these parties often feature scantily clad women, gambling, and the suggestion of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. Bilzerian even captions these photos with the gory details of his multiple enrollments into the famed “Mile-High Club.”

While better known for his wild lifestyle as documented on Instagram, it is Dan Bilzerian’s poker winnings that he credits for his fortune.

As the jokes about the sordid history of Clinton’s press corps’ travel vehicle will continue to arise, it should be noted that Clinton herself will likely never step foot in the plane. On an episode of the Showtime series The Circus, Mark McKinnon, a political strategist, is heard complaining that Clinton not only travels in a different plane than her press, but that Clinton’s plane is also much nicer.

We wonder if any of them know what unspeakable acts have occurred on the very seats they’ll be sitting on!



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