As a frontrunner for the Democratic candidacy and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton is no stranger to taking a stance on major issues. However, not everyone is going to agree with that stance, which is something she is also well aware of.

Clinton posted an image to Facebook last night featuring her own quote about one of her hopes for the United States and perhaps a thinly veiled election promise. The image reads, “By 2020, I want 100% of American households to have access to quality, affordable, high-speed internet,” followed by her name and the date it was posted. She also commented on the quote, saying, “China is investing $180 billion to expand broadband internet access. We cannot be left behind.”

The post has been shared on Facebook over 800 times and liked by more than 7,200 followers since being uploaded, with many of the comments being supportive. “I agree with you Hillary 100%!!!!!” wrote one person, while another said, “Thank you, Hillary. I’m glad you will do your best on as many things as you can. You have my vote.”


Facebook/Hillary Clinton: China is investing $180 billion to expand broadband internet access. We cannot be left behind.

But unfortunately—and perhaps surprisingly—the majority of the comments appeared to be negative towards the former Secretary of State and her ideals. “China can afford it. We are almost 20 Trillion dollars in debt,” argued one person. Other commenters took issue with prioritizing internet access over improved healthcare and the environment. Others were strongly opposed to the idea of the government having more involvement and control over citizens’ internet usage.

Ironically, Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be rather poor with her own internet use, as shown by her recent e-mail scandal. Approximately 7,800 additional pages of messages were just released as part of the continued investigation into whether or not she sent classified information through unsafe means while serving as Secretary of State. Clearly Clinton must be used to dissention and controversy by now!

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