Hillary Clinton Health Update: Is Her Condition Grave?

Hillary Clinton Health Update
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As the election fever rises in America, every day brings new problems for the candidates. Hillary Clinton’s health has become a big issue now. The Hillary Clinton health rumors have gripped the country in the last few days after some doctors have gone on record claiming that Clinton’s health could be an issue. According to their interpretation of her medical records, Clinton has serious health problems. To make matters worse, Hillary Clinton’s illness videos have surfaced, as well. All this is making people wonder what is wrong with Hillary Clinton’s health?

The Doctor’s Verdict

It all started with Hillary Clinton’s medical records being released. Last year on July 28, 2015, Clinton’s personal physician Dr. Lisa Bardack signed a two page health care statement that lists and summarizes Clinton’s current medical condition. It says that Clinton is currently suffering from ‘hypothyroidism’ and ‘seasonal pollen allergies.’ It also discusses her medical history. She had deep vein thrombosis in 1998 and 2009, an elbow fracture in 2009 and a concussion in 2012. However, the doctor has pronounced in this health care statement that Clinton is in ‘excellent physical condition and is fit to serve as President of the United States.’

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Forged documents Raise Doubts

This statement was released along with Clinton’s tax returns in 2015, but is back in the spotlight because of certain forged documents allegedly signed by her, are circulating the Internet. Dr. Bardack has gone on record to say that these new documents were false and that she has not signed them. She has said that Clinton is in excellent condition and her health will in no way affect her adversely, should she become the President of the USA. The 2015 statement has been re-released to squash these rumors and the doubts arising from the false documents.

Clinton’s Failing Health?

A physician and media personality, Dr. Drew Pinsky have reignited this controversy by speaking in a radio interview about Clinton’s health. Dr. Pinsky has raised doubts about Clinton’s ability to become the President by pointing out the blood clot that has formed in her skull. This blood clot is the result of a concussion she suffered due to a fall in 2012. Clinton briefly suffered from ‘double vision’ and had to wear prism glasses. Dr. Pinsky says this is brain damage and it is affecting her balance. Photographs of Clinton being held by her security detail during a election rally have gone viral. He says that for Hillary Clinton, seizures have become a health hazard and she is having them regularly. Dr. Pinsky has also drawn attention to the health care she is receiving, describing it as a ‘1950s level of health care.’ He said that his concerns are not just that Clinton’s health is failing, it is also that she is not being treated properly.

An Explanation is Required

Some of these problems are just a result of Hillary Clinton’s age. She is 68 years old. At this age, most people start having medical problems and Clinton is no exception. However, if these problems stand in the way of her serving the country in the President’s capacity, then this not acceptable. Both candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, owe it the country to reveal the truth about their health condition. The entire country’s future is at stake. Clinton is already leading in the polls. If Clinton squashes these rumors and allegations against her with legitimate proof of her well being, she only stands to gain. The ball is in Clinton’s court.

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