Hillary Clinton Had the Perfect Reaction to Last Night’s GOP Debate

Hillary Clinton

Last night (January 14) was the latest Republican GOP debate and all the current presidential hopefuls for both parties were sure to have been watching. And that includes Democratic favorite Hillary Clinton, who had some pretty funny things to say as she watched all her potential opponents have it out on air!

Clinton posted to Twitter many times over the course of the debate as the seven Republican candidates fought to prove themselves most worthy of leading the party into the White House. And fight they did, with the fact that one of the seven candidates was Donald Trump, who often only makes things more heated.

Hillary Clinton was quick to jump on anything they said that she didn’t like, mocking the candidates with tweets such as, “A 10% flat tax? A CEO should never be paying the same rate as a kindergarten teacher.” She also posted an older clip of herself making a confused face and shrugging with the text, “2 1/2 hours of this? Imagine 4 years,” showing just how unimpressed she was with both the Republicans’ behavior and their platforms.

But this was still a serious debate regarding the future leader of the U.S. and essentially the free world, so Hillary Clinton wasn’t all fun and games in her tweets. She also posted serious responses to what she was watching. “This is Muslim Americans’ country too. The next president should know that—and act like it,” is one thing she wrote, followed by, “They may be arguing, but they agree on so much: denying climate change, repealing Obamacare, and cutting taxes for the wealthy.” It’s clear that despite making fun of the rival party, Clinton is taking this campaign seriously.

And if you want more of the comedic side of Hillary Clinton, she also spent part of her Thursday evening appearing on The Tonight Show. Host Jimmy Fallon tested the Democrat on if she was qualified to be president by giving her a job interview. How did Clinton hear about the opening? “Fourth grade social studies,” she said. She also joked that if she made a drinking game of the Republican debate and took a shot every time she was mentioned, she wouldn’t have even made it through the first hour!


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