The new clothing trend for men is… Rompers. Yes, you read that right! Since the trend started, people online have been trolling the new outfit with memes. Take a look at some of the best RompHim memes right here!

So…rompers for men are now a thing. It was recently introduced to the world (for women), but now, its RompHim Kickstarter has already raised over $360,000. The RompHim is quickly gaining attention, not only because a lot of men (and women) are on board with the idea, but because of all the male romper memes out there. They are simply hilarious, and possibly sparking more interest in these onesie style garments!

The trend has become so big that even Ellen DeGeneres decided to give her friend Andy Cohen a custom romper, to which he excitedly said, “Oh, my god, I am fully … this is amazing!”

One co-founder of RompHim, Daniel Webster-Clark, stated that a website will be set up for pre-orders and new designs. “We made a decision to shut down the Kickstarter orders because we wanted to make sure all those folks who supported us early on were able to get exactly what they asked for with no delays.” When asked if they were offended about people thinking RompHim was a joke on Saturday Night Live, co-founder Elaine Chen replied, “We don’t expect this product to fit everyone, and that’s really OK. We started this project because we really liked it, and we put a lot of time and effort and blood, sweat and tears into it. And at the end of the day, it’s meant to be fun and a way for you to express yourself as an individual. And it’s meant to be a conversation starter, and so we believe that it’s doing just that. ”

The founders were then asked if they believed male rompers were going to be a short-lived fad, to which Chip Longenecker replied, “We’re really just responding to customer feedback as best we can, making sure that we put out a product that we love and are supportive of. That’s what matters to us. Whichever way it goes, we’re just here for the ride.”

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5 RompHim Memes to Make Your Sides Split!

Where the rompers at?

But I don’t even know him!

That floral romper be like…

Expectation vs. Reality.

Even Trump’s rocking the trend!