Photo: Frederick M. Brown / Stringer / Getty Images

It’s been a crazy year for superstar Johnny Depp, who has experienced highs and lows in both his career and his personal life. Let’s take a look back at the year in review for the actor and see if he came out of 2015 better than when it started.

  • Marriage to Amber Heard: Johnny Depp started the year off in the best possible way, marrying his sweetheart, actress Amber Heard, in early February. The pair met while filming The Rum Diary in 2009, though they didn’t begin dating until 2012, before finally marrying in a private ceremony at their Los Angeles residence.
  • The Rumored Split(s): Unfortunately however, the pair was believed to have hit turbulence later in the year for a variety of reasons, ranging from strain caused by their busy schedules to Johnny Depp’s supposed drinking problem. However, the celebrity couple remains together, though Amber Heard commented on all the rumors: “I try not to react to the horrible misrepresentation of our lives, but it is strange, and hard.”
  • Mortdecai Bombs: Depp’s 2013 Film The Lone Ranger and 2014 movie Transcendence were both critically panned, the latter barely making back its budget, so hopes were high for the actor’s next film. However, Mortdecai fared even worse, earning below its budgets and being called a contender for the worst film of the year.
  • Black Mass Makes It: Depp’s other 2015 film release, on the other hand, has done respectably well. The ensemble cast film has grossed $42 million (worldwide) over its budget and has been nominated for several awards. It’s also received a positive critical response, with reviewers especially noting Depp’s excellent portrayal of real-life criminal-turned-informant James “Whitey” Bulger.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Sequel Gets Pushed Back: It’s debatable whether Johnny Depp would even be the star he is today if not for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. It helps that he enjoys the character so much, often taking on the role to visit sick children. However, a proper return to form for ol’ Captain Jack has been delayed two years due to issues relating to the script and budget.
  • Most Overpaid Actor: Given the aforementioned bombs and how long it’s been since he made a film with the level of success as the Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s no wonder that Forbes would come to the conclusion that no man made as much unwarranted money as Johnny Depp in 2015. It’s also worth noting that on last year’s list, Depp came in second. In case you were wondering, Johnny Depp’s net worth is estimated to be around $400 million, thanks in part to earning about $20 million per movie.