Tupac Shakur’s untimely death back in 1996 did not just startle the music industry, but perhaps the whole world. The legendary rapper has a legion of fans who continue to remain in awe of his talent and personality, one of whom is Nick Cannon. Presumably in the spirit of “Throwback Thursday,” the 35-year-old shared a touching story from back in the day when the icon was still making back-to-back records.

The photo Cannon shared was of Shakur and a young boy, along with the explanation of the story behind the picture: “In 1993, Tupac received a letter from the parents of a dying boy named Joshua. They said it was Joshua’s last wish to meet Tupac. Tupac flew to Maryland to meet Joshua and took him to a basketball game. Soon after Joshua’s death Tupac renamed his publishing company from Ghetto Gospel Music to Joshua’s Dream.” Cannon captioned this photo, “Pac was the real deal.” And fans didn’t seem to disagree. They wrote, “Best rapper that ever lived,” and, “@Billboard, see greatness isn’t just about music, it’s the love you have for people [sic].”

Ok so No 2Pac Billboard? #WhoButMJgotAbiggerFanBaseThanPac #ILLWAIT what defines “Greatest” Billboard?


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This comes in response to Billboard’s recent article about the 10 “greatest rappers of all time” that was published last week, which surprisingly did not feature Shakur. While Cannon may have given the American music magazine a subtle snub, other rappers have not shied away from lashing out openly. Snoop Dogg took to Instagram to vent his frustration by posting a picture of the list and captioning it, “This is so disrespectful!! Whoever did this list needs a swift kick in the Ass. No. Tupac. Come on cuz. Jus my opinion [sic].” Rapper T.I. also posted the same image and asked the vital question, “What defines ‘Greatest’ Billboard?”

Nick Cannon, Instagram post, November 19, 2015.
The 10 Greatest Rappers of All Time,Billboard web site, November 12, 2015.
Snoop Dogg, Instagram post, November 18, 2015.
T.I., Instagram post, November 18, 2015.
Image Source: Flickr; Image copyright 2012, Pratik Patel

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