Here’s The Entire 2016 NBA Schedule—Don’t Miss Out On Your Favourite Game!

The Entire 2016 NBA Schedule
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The 70th season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) has finally come to its last segment. After the intense battles in the First and the Second Round Schedules, it’s time to watch those final matches that decide the champion of the 2016 NBA season. The 2015-2016 NBA season has been a grilling one. And, after months of hard losses and deserving victories, it’s time to take a look at the final frontiers of the 2016 NBA Playoffs. It is time that everyone knows what is the NBA Playoff Schedule. We cannot miss out on watching the remaining Playoffs just because we were not privy to the dates and the timings. To help out, we’ve put together a schedule that shows all the NBA Finals (2016) dates.

2016 NBA Playoffs Schedule

Western Conference Finals
Date Time (EST) Game Home Visitors
May 22 8:00 pm Game 3 Oklahoma City Thunder Golden State Warriors
May 24 8:00 pm Game 4 Oklahoma City Thunder Golden State Warriors
May 26 TBD Game 5 Golden State Warriors Oklahoma City Thunder
May 28 TBD Game 6 Oklahoma City Thunder Golden State Warriors
May 30 TBD Game 7 Golden State Warriors Oklahoma City Thunder
Eastern Conference Finals
May 21 8:30 pm Game 3 Toronto Raptors Cleveland Cavaliers
May 23 8:30 pm Game 4 Toronto Raptors Cleveland Cavaliers
May 25 8:30 pm Game 5 Cleveland Cavaliers Toronto Raptors
May 27 8:30 pm Game 6 Toronto Raptors Cleveland Cavaliers
May 29 8:30 pm Game 7 Cleveland Cavaliers Toronto Raptors

The Western Conference Finals are now a gripping showdown between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder. That means that the champions facing off each other are NBA stars Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. Durant and his Thunder will be showing a strong show against Steph Curry’s Warriors. For the past two weeks, we’ve seen both the teams wining one game each. In Game 1, the Oklahoma City Thunder managed to crush the Golden State Warriors with a six-point lead, scoring 108 over 102. However, in Game 2, the Warriors gave a jolt to the Thunder with 118-91 score.

Meanwhile, on the Eastern Conference Finals, it has been a win-win situation for the Cavs.  Although, there are still several more games to see who comes forth victorious. There will be a vengeance game going on when the Toronto Raptors take on the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3 tomorrow (May 21). The Raptors will do anything to beat the Cavs as it’s a hard situation for them. If you look back, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been able to smack down the Toronto Raptors with huge margins. In Game 1, the Cavs scored 115-84 over the Raptors. In Game 2, it came down to 108 as the Cleveland Cavaliers owned the Toronto Raptors, who were at 89.

So, make sure you catch all the upcoming matches and do not miss any of them. Follow the schedule above to watch the Western and the Eastern Conference Finals from the 2016 NBA Playoffs.



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