Credits: Instagram/fettywap1738

After launching into a promising rap career with his super-hit debut track “Trap Queen,” it seems like everyone wants to know all about Fetty Wap the rapper. Most of all, people are still curious about what’s happened to Fetty Wap’s eye.

When you see the rapper performing his hit tracks live or dancing to them in his music videos, you surely notice Fetty Wap’s left eye. Fetty’s left eye is completely gone, making the 24-year-old rapper partially blind. Now, before Fetty Wap cleared up the truth behind this, people started assuming that the rapper might have lost it in a fight while living the “street life.”

No matter how this story suits the persona of this rugged young rapper, Fetty Wap has dismissed these speculations and revealed the real reason for his being blind in the left eye, so here it goes:

Fetty Waps Eye

Credits: Instagram/fettywap1738

Most of us don’t know that Fetty Wap was born as Willie Maxwell in Paterson, New Jersey. But, at the time of his birth, baby boy Fetty was diagnosed with glaucoma in both of his eyes. In 2015, the rapper revealed how doctors cured his right eye but could not save the left one. Fetty said the doctors then replaced the injured left eye with an ocular prosthesis, which is commonly known as an artificial eye or a glass eye.

So, that’s the actual truth about what happened to Fetty Wap’s eye, clearing up all the rumors and assumptions made by his fans and hip hop lovers who see Fetty Wap as a promising new rapper.