Katherine Heigl sure knows the art of balance. Juggling a successful acting career, a blog, two young daughters (Naleigh and Adalaide), and her marriage to singer Josh Kelley, Heigl has proved to be an inspiration to many. Even on her 37th birthday (which is today), the doting mother is busy celebrating elder daughter, Naleigh’s birthday! The tot even got a delicious-looking batch of cupcakes from her famous mom for her seventh birthday.

Heigl took to Facebook to share with fans some of the details of her daughter’s fun-filled weekend celebrations. On Sunday, the parents went balloon shopping and on Monday, her daughter’s actual birthday, the former Grey’s Anatomy star shared an adorable photo of Naleigh showing off the flowers she just received with the caption, “My little lady received her first bouquet of flowers from a cute boy!”

After a few hours, Heigl shared a video of herself in the process of baking cupcakes and wrote, “Getting my bake on! Cupcakes for Naleigh’s birthday.” The video was a 31-second time-lapse showing the actress making them from scratch. Despite her busy weekend, Heigl even took some time out to reply to her fans’ comments on Facebook. One remarked, “Wow look at you go.. Ha ha [sic],” to which she replied, “Too much caffeine in the morning…” with a winking emoticon.


She also shared the story behind Naleigh’s adoption with another fan who wrote that she was channelling her inner Holly Berenson, which is the character Heigl played in the romantic comedy, Life As We Know It, about a bakery owner who unexpectedly gets handed a child. To the comment, Heigl replied, “Funny you mention that movie… I was just getting ready to shoot it when we got news that Naleigh’s adoption had gone through early and she would be arriving from Korea. So it was kinda crazy! Everything happened at once [sic].”

Soon after, Heigl also shared the final result of the cupcake and needless to say, it looked absolutely fabulous.

Katherine Heigl Cupcake naleigh

Image: Facebook/ Katherine Heigl

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