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The Bachelorette 2016 premiere had a shocking guest surprise and it had fans asking a lot of questions as their fury for the former bachelor, Jake Pavelka, returned. For starters, how do Jake Pavelka and JoJo Fletcher know each other? How old is Jake Pavelka? And why do people hate Jake Pavelka? Don’t worry, we have all the answers for you and our previous post will explain who Jake Pavelka is in case some of you aren’t familiar with the infamous reality star pilot.

Everyone is still fuming about Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi’s breakup and the brief time she was almost Jake Pavelka’s wife. The two shared a very public and nasty breakup with fans being left with a bitter taste in their mouth towards Jake, the bachelor that everyone hoped had left and would never return.

Fast forward to The Bachelorette premiere when in pops in Pavelka as a surprise guest. He and Fletcher have been longtime family friends for years and he was just giving her advice (in private) about finding love on reality TV. So, stayed tuned as we explain the five reasons why fans hate Jake Pavelka.

Oh Snap!

During the ABC interview where Pavelka and Girardi were able to express themselves about the true nature of their breakup (which anyone could’ve foreseen as a bad idea), Pavelka snapped his fingers at his former fiancée while shouting “Please don’t interrupt me!” This then caused Girardi to leave in tears, away from the cameras.

Even though Girardi was seen as a villain on The Bachelor in her own right, she tried to remain calm and mostly seemed uncomfortable; plus, having to sit so close to a man she doesn’t get along with while opening up old wounds wasn’t helping. Fans took that moment as an aggressive one, making them wonder how else he’s been treating Girardi.

Smile for the camera

The entire time for the infamous cringe-worthy interview, Pavelka seemed sarcastic and insincere when speaking to Girardi and often used one word answers. He mostly smirked and had a half smile that clearly masked his disdain for his ex-fiancée. It’s natural that people who hate each other so much can’t stomach the sight of each other, and Pavelka made the tension even greater.

Girardi also referred to him as the biggest fake liar, referring to how fake he is as a person. He also went on to make facial expressions regarding her new career as a marketing professional when Girardi brought up his need to be an actor. It also didn’t help that she said he never flies, after which he made a snarky remark about flying to which he replied, “As a matter of fact I flew this last weekend.”


Most of the time throughout the breakup, Pavelka came off as a jealous boyfriend who was accusing Girardi of infidelity with Greek actor Gregory Michael. Girardi explained that she saw him at a charity event at a hospital while Us Weekly reported that Michael was quoted saying that he and Girardi were close throughout the night.

The Return

The fact that Pavelka came back to give Fletcher advice was reason enough for fans to hate him, bringing back bad memories of the former bachelor.


Fans find Pavelka mean and arrogant, often needing to be right and will find any reason to hate him. He comes off as the type who enjoys creating drama, admitting in an interview that people love it. Sounds like he’s just giving the people what they want, even if they don’t want him.