Part of the excitement for Super Bowl 50 is seeing what commercials come with it. So before you head out to watch Sunday’s game or settle in to watch it at home, here are the five best Super Bowl 2016 ads that will make you enjoy the game even more.

5. Po from Kung Fu Panda Tries Out a Big Commercial Idea shows a full-length animated commercial with the hilarious cast of Kung Fu Panda. In the teaser, Po thinks a big commercial will hike up buzz for his dad’s restaurant, Mr. Ping’s Noodle Shop. While he brainstorms ideas for it, the Furious Five cast conjure up funny ideas based on past Super Bowl commercials, like the Budweiser frogs and the sexy Old Spice ad with Isaiah Mustafa. In the end, Master Shifu saves the day by suggesting they first build a web site for the noodle shop using


4. SNICKERS: Hungry Monroe Turns Into Willem Dafoe

The famous skirt-blowing scene starring Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe gets a SNICKERS-style makeover for Super Bowl 50. The commercial begins with a shot of the actress’ not-so-stunning legs, which turn out to be the legs of a very pissed off, hungry Willem Dafoe dressed in Monroe’s signature attire. As Dafoe, who’s actually supposed to be Marilyn Monroe, yells at the crew for this “disaster” of an idea, someone offers him a SNICKERS bar to relish his hunger, turning him back into the elegant Marilyn Monroe. The ad ends with Monroe finishing this classic scene from the 1955 movie The Seven Year Itch, while comedian Eugene Levy, who plays a crew guy operating the fans under Monroe, comments on how the scene “will never make the cut, morons!”

3. Budweiser: Helen Mirren Teaches You Not to Drink and Drive

It’s a 60-second Budweiser commercial where British actress Helen Mirren is having a feast with the beer. As the waiter passes by, Mirren introduces herself and a bit much about her “frank and uncensored” personality. Mirren addresses Americans as she speaks about a person who drinks and drives being a “human form of pollution,” among other things. The beverage company campaigns this ad with its #GiveADamn initiative to improve safe driving programs. Mirren ends Budweiser’s Super Bowl 50 commercial by thanking you on behalf of your family and your future self, adding before taking a sip of her own beer, “This is supposed to be fun. Cheers!”

2. Bud Light: Seth Rogen and Amy Want You to Drink

As we know, beer commercials are popular during Super Bowl. This one stars Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen uniting Americans through an outrageous inspirational speech that asks you to grab a Bud Light beer while enjoying the game. The “Bud Light Party” ad also stars Michael Pena, who’s heavily inspired by their speech, and Paul Rudd, who’s slightly confused while watching at an NBA game. The comic duo brings together emojis, beer, the Independence Day movie, and the repeated use of the word “caucus.” Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer end the speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial by saying, “America has seen the Light, and there’s a Bud in front of it,” as fireworks burst out in the background.

1. Hyundai: Kevin Hart Tracks His Daughter’s First Date

The minute-long Super Bowl 50 commercial shows Kevin Hart promoting the new tracking feature of Hyundai’s Genesis sedan. The comedian plays a control-freak dad to a daughter who is going out on her first date. When her date picks her up, Hart meets him at the door and offers the boy his Hyundai car for the date. As soon as they leave, Hart turns on the car’s “tracking” application. The commercial shows the young man freaking out when he sees Kevin Hart following them through a movie, an amusement park, and worst of all, to his favorite hill-top spot. When he leans in to kiss the girl in the car, he sees Hart hanging on a chopper, hovering over the hill and calling out, “You messing with the wrong daddy!” When the guy gets her back home to her dad, the narrator quotes, “Because a dad’s gotta do, what a dad’s gotta do!”

Along with these five best Super Bowl 2016 ads, the telecast of Super Bowl 50 will also release the official trailer of the 2016 Disney movie Alice Through the Looking Glass, which features the narration of late actor Alan Rickman and happens to be his last film before his untimely death last month.


Super Bowl 50 will see the NFC South champions, the Carolina Panthers, battling the AFC West champs, the Denver Broncos. The game will be taking place at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, with the kick-off time set for 6:30 p.m. EST.

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