Here Are the MLB Power Rankings for Week 17: Who Made the Top Three?

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We’re post-trade deadline, but has the landscape changed all that much in professional baseball? When it comes to MLB scores and odds, things don’t seem to have changed too much now that the teams have all made their changes and power plays. Is it too soon to tell or were the right moves made based on the current MLB standings? Has the playoff climate shifted or do teams appear to be in a holding pattern until the end of the season? Find out by reading our MLB power rankings for week 17 and compare them to the rankings that we listed for the week prior.

About MLB Power Rankings

The MLB power rankings on this site and others are opinion pieces based on each team’s performance in all their games over the course of a single week. Power rankings for Major League Baseball don’t just look at the win/loss records, either; they also factor in a team’s performance in prior weeks, injuries and/or returns, recent trades (like we have had post-trade deadline), individual player performance and other factors. In other words, having one of the MLB homerun leaders doesn’t instantly make you a top five team.

We mention this because it’s important to note that if you use MLB scores and standings and subsequent rankings as a means of deciding how to gamble on games, you should know that they are in no way established facts. Betting on a team ranked first in someone’s MLB power rankings when they face another team near the bottom is in no way free money. If you are engaged in sports betting (which a lot of these rankings are used for), just remember to do your own research before anything!

Major League Baseball Power Rankings

So, who do we think dominated the world of Major League Baseball this week? For week 16, we had Chicago, San Francisco and Washington as these three teams dominated in the MLB standings. Will this week be any different? Here’s our take on three of the MLB top teams for week 17 of the regular season.


Chicago Cubs

The Cubs are once again the team to beat in the MLB standings, boasting a 63-41 win/loss record and sitting at the top of the National League Central Division and overall in the MLB scores and standings. They have continued to win the series they’ve had following the All-Star break last month, and they don’t look like they will lose any time soon, especially now that they have added Aroldis Chapman to the mix. The former New York Yankee proved his worth on Tuesday when he had a clean ninth inning against the Miami Marlins, helping the Cubs win 3-2.

Washington Nationals

Also returning from last week’s MLB power rankings is Washington, as they are only behind Chicago in the league with their 63-44 record and sitting at the top of the National League East Division. The team recently acquired closer, Mark Melancon from the Pittsburgh Pirates, improving on a weakness they’ve had in pitching staff. The team is coming off a tied series with the San Francisco Giants, whom they will meet again following their series with the low-ranked Arizona Diamondbacks.

Toronto Blue Jays

Canada’s sole team has had a very strong week as they won the series against the San Diego Padres and Baltimore Orioles, possessing a 60-47 record and making them third in the American League East (seventh in the league overall). It’s a big step up for the Blue Jays to be sure. However, they may not be in contention for this list next week, as Troy Tulowitzki suffered a fractured thumb in Sunday’s game and currently remains out of the lineup.




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