Here are the MLB Power Rankings for Week 16: Who Made the Top Three?

New York Yankees, Starlin Castro
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Week 16 of the MLB season has come and gone, leaving 10 more weeks of play between now and the playoffs. There’s still plenty of time for the MLB standings to fluctuate, but for now, analysts may be starting to get a pretty strong idea of who to look out for in the post-season, regardless of future MLB standings, scores and predictions. So, which teams looked the most dominating coming out of week 16 of professional baseball? Here are the three teams we’re putting on a pedestal in our week 16 MLB power rankings!

Of course, anything written below is merely our opinion based on prior team performance. As such, those of you in betting pools or otherwise placing money on these or any other teams should do your own research and gamble responsibly. As much as we would like to confirm that any of these teams could be a lock to keep on winning all season and throughout the playoffs, there’s no knowing what the future holds. Here are our predictions:

Chicago Cubs

You would likely find little disagreement that the Cubs have had an amazing season so far. They are one of the top performing teams and a heavy favorite to win the World Series this year. They currently sit at first in the National League Central Division with 59 wins and 39 losses. Granted, they lost Monday’s game against the team they share a city with, the Chicago White Sox, but the loss followed two straight series wins against the Rangers and Mets (following the All-Star break). Their standing in the MLB Power Rankings is also boosted by Monday’s acquisition of relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman from the Yankees, which should do wonders for the team’s strength in the late innings.

San Francisco Giants

Another team dominating the scores and odds, the Giants currently sport a record of 58 wins and 41 losses and are ranked first in the National League West Division. Despite the impressive record, they have been on a downswing since the break, only having a single win in the seven games that followed. Still, they were playing strong baseball prior to the break and it’s only a matter of when, not if, they recover. This would mean their current MLB standings aren’t in any real danger of being disrupted. This week is a series of home games against the Cincinnati Reds and Washington Nationals, and given the Giants’ home record of 29-18, this week could be the return to form they need!


Washington Nationals

Speaking of the Nationals, they exit week 16 as first in the National League East Division, sharing the Giants’ record of 58-41. It wasn’t a great week for the team, losing two out of three games in series with both the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres. The most of the weakness in the team could be said to lie in starting pitcher Lucas Giolito, as the rookie has only struck out only five of the 53 batters he’s been up against. While the aforementioned series against the Giants and another one with the Cleveland Indians could prove challenging, the Nationals aren’t head of their division for nothing!

Stay tuned as the MLB Playoffs will be here before you know it!





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