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If you haven’t noticed, the Ombama-Biden memes have taken over the Internet lately, and they are simply hilarious. Here are 20 of the best and funniest memes of President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden, that have gone viral online.

The 2016 U.S. presidential election has been one of the most controversial events in modern history. Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton and GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump were constantly at each other’s throats, going back and forth with allegations ranging from tax evasion to sexual assault. Amidst all the election frenzy, what used to be memes focussing on the relationship between Barack Obama and Joe Biden became Obama-Biden memes poking fun at Donald Trump.

In a post-election America filled with anxiety and uncertainty for immigrants, Muslims, and women, the hilarious memes have offered solace to voters. What started out as a few funny memes eventually spiraled out of control, taking over the Internet. They mostly showcase Vice-President, Joe Biden thinking of ways to prank the President-Elect Trump, while being talked down by President Barack Obama. These hilarious “conversations” between Obama and Biden as Trump prepares for his transition into the White House are drawing a huge reaction from users across all social media platforms, and you just can’t help but laugh.

Obama-Biden Memes Have Gone Viral

The Internet is exploding with these silly memes, showcasing the well-known bromance and chemistry between Barack Obama and Joe Biden as they make their way out of the White House. From changing the Wi-Fi password to booby-trapping the White House Home Alone-style, and even playing the “Imperial March” in the Oval Office, here are 20 of the funniest Obama-Biden memes on the Internet right now:

#1. “The Black House”

#2. Looking to The Future

#3. The New White House Nanny

#4. Trump is Not Biden’s President

#5. Holding Hands

#6 Silence Please Joe!

#7. No “Netflix and Chill” for Trump

#8. The Funniest Obama Biden Meme about Trump Ever!

#9. Who Changed the Wi-Fi Password?

#10. Calm Down, Joe

#11. Make America Alive Again

#12. The White House Gatekeeper

#13. Smile and Wave Boys

#14. Whoopee Cushions 

#15. No Pens for Pence

#16. Brothers Forever

#17. Let’s Booby Trap the White House

#18. Point and Wave

#19. Together Forever

#20. Let’s Sock Trump