Beyoncé’s Lemonade seems to have left a bitter taste for some in the entertainment world. While most celebrities, such as Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes, Laverne Cox and Demi Lovato, loved the album, there are others who aren’t amused with Beyoncé’s new tone and had more than enough to say. Though most of the reviews are great, here are the celebrities who criticized Beyoncé’s new album, Lemonade.  

Piers Morgan

The British journalist and TV personality wasted no time writing an op-ed for Daily Mail Online criticizing Beyoncé and her stance on issues. Morgan starts off by mentioning how he doesn’t like when entertainers get political, since he’s not sure if it’s really genuine. (Because entertainers can’t have an opinion on policies that affect them, right?)

Morgan then goes on to talk about a time—five years ago—when he interviewed Beyoncé, complimenting her for her star status but at the same time, chastising her for not being as simple and polite as she once was (even though there’s no evidence to support that she still isn’t those things). Morgan even goes so far as to call the Lemonade singer a “born-again black woman” in his headline, and believes she is just using the mothers of slain youths “to fill her already massively enriched purse.” We’d like to point out that Morgan isn’t exactly living on the streets either.


Anyone who owns a computer knows that Morgan is known for angering audiences and often enjoys firing back at people on Twitter. How to Get Away with Murder actor Matt McGorry had a Twitter feud explaining to Morgan how absurd his comments were, and McGorry wasn’t alone in coming to Beyoncé’s defense.

Azealia Banks

The singer was praising Lemonade, as much as possible, but once Banks read Piers Morgan’s article, her tune suddenly changed and her glass of lemonade turned from half full to half empty.

Banks went from calling Beyoncé amazing to selling her soul in a matter of seconds, putting herself on polar opposites on the same subject. The 24-year-old singer commented on everything from concert ticket prices to not being a leader and “perpetuating sad black female sufferance.” Banks demanded on Twitter that she wants to hear Beyoncé speak on the issues. We’re guessing an entire album wasn’t enough for Banks.

Iggy Azalea

The 25-year-old singer was in a Twitter feud of her own with a Beyonce fan over Azalea’s disagreement with the term “Becky.” “Girl, BYE. Do you know how many times ppl have called me BECKY? [sic]” tweeted Azalea. She continued her tweet saying: “It didn’t have any kind of positive intention behind it. Don’t start.” Looks like Azalea might be the next target for the Beyhive.

Azalea went on to say that generalizing any race by any name isn’t right and tweeted that her comments weren’t “Bey shade” but wanted to make it clear that she doesn’t like being called Becky. (We heard you, IGGY!)


The great Lemonade debate will have to be one of those agree-to-disagree moments since everyone has different tastes and different vantage points. But Beyoncé has never been one to lose sleep over these things, and she clearly isn’t trying to please everyone anymore.

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