Here Are 10 of the Best and Easiest Halloween Party Themes to Show Your Guests a Scary Good Time

Best and Easiest Halloween Party Themes
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If you’re still unsure about what theme your Halloween party should have, look no further! Here are 10 of the simplest and best Halloween party ideas to ensure that your guests have a scary good time.


Halloween is inching closer and preparations are in full swing. Whether it’s Halloween costumes, decorations, props, or accessories, make sure you have all your Halloween gear ready before the big day! Anyone looking for the best last-minute Halloween party theme ideas have come to the right place. Here is a compilation of 10 simple Halloween party theme ideas, to make sure that you give your guests the scare of their lives!

#1 Zombie Apocalypse

With the rising popularity of zombies and the recent season premiere of The Walking Dead, a zombie apocalypse theme makes the perfect Halloween party idea. Use fake blood to leave footprints outside of your house using different cutouts and other decorations to really set the mood. Customized zombie-themed foods and drinks will also compliment the theme well.

#2 Ghostly White

Whether you love the undead, or just really like the color white, this minimalist-like theme is perfect for you this Halloween. Fake skulls, skeletons, tombstones, and mummies can also add to this theme. All-white spooky ghost costumes, and dark lighting, will surely send a chill down your guests’ spine!

#3 Masquerade Ball

When in doubt, a classy and elegant masquerade ball is the way to go! Travel back in time for your Halloween party this year, and go crazy with eerie purple lighting, candle sticks, and cobwebs for the decorations. Buy some eye masks, or make some of your own at home with the help of YouTube tutorials. White checkerboard tablecloths, Phantom of the Opera style outfits, and the right music will ensure that your guests have the time of their life!

#4 Scary Tales

Turn your favorite fairy tales into scary stories with this awesome Halloween party theme! Whether it’s Hansel and Gretel, The Wizard of Oz, or Little Red Riding Hood, the options are endless! Your Halloween decorations can include fake spider webs, carved pumpkins, scarecrows, stones, and fake blood dripping off jars and candles for an added effect. Make sure your guests never look at their favorite fairy tale characters the same way again!

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#5 Black and Orange Ball

Invite your friends and family to a brilliantly themed black and orange ball. Everything from the wall decorations, to costumes must be in the theme colors! Send out personalized invitations, balloons, and foods and drinks in the black and orange theme. Fake spiders, jack-o’-lanterns, and all other props you can think of will add to all the Halloween fun!

#6 Superheroes vs Villains

Superheroes are definitely in this year! With countless costume options to choose from, guests can pick their favorite superhero or villain to dress up as for your party. Action-themed party favors, invitations, and food will be a big hit among comic book fans. Let the battle between the good and evil begin!

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#7 Medieval Mayhem

If you’re a history buff, this one’s definitely for you! Pick your era of choice whether it’s the Elizabethan, Victorian, or anything in between, and ask your guests to dress accordingly. Bring out the poofy dresses, curls, bonnets, and boots to make your look as authentic as possible. Game of Thrones fans will love this theme complete with swords, candlesticks, shields, and wreaths. Use some shackles, rusty props, decapitated heads, and cobwebs to add to the medieval mystery!

#8 Frightening Film Fest

Select your favorite horror film and make it the theme of your Halloween party this year. Combine movie and characters like Freddy Kruger from the Nightmare on Elm Street, and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th for some good old scares. Fake eyeballs, skeletons, blood, and guts will add an element of horror to your Halloween party.

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#9 Dead Rockstar Themed Party

An innovative Halloween party theme for 2016, could be a one with all your favorite musicians and artists of yesteryear. Decorations can include bloody roses, a red carpet, fake blood-spattered guitars, trophies, and labels. Have a fun night with your friends channeling Elvis, Michael Jackson, or Jimi Hendrix. The plus side to this party theme is the foot-tapping music playing, that will be sure to get all your guests busting out their best dance moves!

#10 Haunted House Halloween Theme

If you’re a lover of traditional Halloween fun, this party theme is an excellent go-to. Bring back fond childhood memories of trick-or-treating with friends, or carving jack-o’-lanterns with your parents, dressed up as a good old witch on a broomstick. Smoke machines, and sound effects of frightening shrieks, and doors creaking open are perfect for the haunted house. Dimmed lighting, skeletons, mummies, cobwebs, and lurking shadows form a spooky backdrop.

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