Halloween is still a few weeks away, but Heidi Klum has already started preparing. The America’s Got Talent judge has become known for her outrageous, over-the-top, and eerily realistic Halloween costumes, and this year will be no different.

Klum recently shared a picture on Twitter of herself covered in what appears to be a mold of her body, surrounded by a group of people. It looks like she’s wearing a bald cap with the same white cast material on top—and it almost looks like there’s something sticking up out of her head. The caption reads, “It’s almost time for my favorite holiday! Halloween costume prep time with the team at Prosthetic Renaissance!”

It’s hard to tell from the picture what Klum’s costume is actually going to be, but there’s no doubt that it’ll be just as impressive as previous years—she’s not even in full costume and you already can’t recognize her.


Prosthetic Renaissance is a renowned makeup and special effects studio that’s worked with almost every film studio, as well as a long list of A-list celebrities, including Martin Scorsese, Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Will Smith. There’s no doubt that Heidi Klum went to the best of the best for this year’s costume.

Every year, the model hosts an extravagant Halloween party where she shows off her elaborate costume. Some of her best masterpieces in the past have been a butterfly (with bug eyes and all), and old woman, one of the primates from Planet of the Apes (this one is definitely worth seeing), a human body turned inside out, a black crow, and Kali (the Hindu goddess of destruction).

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