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Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr led his team to a 31-30 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs last night (October 19). In what was one of the best games of the season, Carr pulled out all the stops with three touchdowns, throwing 417 yards, and, with two minutes left in the game, dove to get the Raiders their win! The spotlight is on the quarterback and his life, both on and off the field. So, we have details about Derek Carr’s wife in our Heather Neel wiki.

Giving one of the best plays in his career—and possibly of the NFL this year—Derek Carr is making Raiders fans hope that the team can make it all the way this season.

About his game-winning performance in the final minutes of Thursday night’s game, Carr said, “Yeah, I was just trying to find a one-on-one. At that moment, you just have to find a one-on-one with the coverages that they’re playing and give somebody a chance.” He continued, “There’s nothing technical about it. At that point, I’m telling the guys in the huddle, ‘Look I’ve got to give somebody a chance now. Go make a play.’ They did a couple of times.”

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After the team’s four-game losing streak, support dwindled for the Raiders, but Derek Carr’s wife remained hopeful. Our Heather Neel wiki has everything you need to know about her.

They Met in College

While living “the college quarterback lifestyle” at Fresno State in 2010, Carr met his future wife. Although friends at the time, he thought of her as marriage material, but she wasn’t quite on the same page.

Neel saw that he wasn’t the same person with her as he was without her around. So, she was clear with him and wrote a letter that stated, “You’re not the person I thought you were.”


Combined with Tim DeRuyter becoming head coach of the Fresno Bulldogs, Heather Neel’s letter changed Carr’s attitude. A religious man, DeRuyter gave the team Sundays off, encouraged them to go to church, and held team prayer sessions, which Carr soon led.

Neel said in an interview, “People think, ‘Can people really change?’” She continued, “Derek’s a prime example that people can really change. It’s just amazing how far he’s come in life.”

His attitude change translated to football. And by his senior year, Carr led the Bulldogs to an 11-2 record, eventually getting the Mountain West championship.

By July 2012, he and Heather Neel, age assumed to be around 26 just like her husband, tied the knot. The couple welcomed their first son, Dallas, in August 2013. He was born with a condition that tangled his intestines at birth and was rushed to surgery immediately after his birth.

Prepping for his senior year at Fresno, Carr spent his days at practice, which typically ended around 8:00 p.m., and nights with Neel at the hospital.

Neel said at the time, “We had so many people praying for us.” She continued, “The whole community came together and prayed for us. It’s just amazing how many people come together in a time of need.”

Pillar of Support

Dallas has since recovered and is currently the older brother to Deker Luke, who was born in March 2016. Derek Carr’s wife attributes the love and support from her community to the strength her husband showed while Dallas was in and out of surgery.

Neel is no longer worried about Carr being a different man around her. She’s constantly by his side and has nothing but love and support for him.

There’s no doubt that Heather Neel’s hot. Pics of her and her family online have only made people envious of the family of four. You can check them out yourself on Heather Neel’s Instagram account.

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