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The rock duo known as Twenty One Pilots, just gave fans the best news ever with their new single, “Heathens.” Search terms such as “Heathens Twenty One Pilots lyrics,” “Heathens Twenty One Pilots download,” and “Heathens Twenty One Pilots” are all the rage. The “Heathens” lyrics have been getting good reviews so far by fans online, and it looks like this single will be an instant hit. If you want answers on how to get a hold of “Heathens,” stream online at, so you can enjoy the amazing lyrics of “Heathens”; listen online now if you don’t believe us!

The “Heathens” download is expected to be huge, as fans are sending their praises online via social media. Some have made claims of “literally crying” as they listen to the Twenty One Pilots’ new song. You may notice your search engine auto filling your phrase as you try to enter terms such as “Heathens stream online.” That just shows you how much of an impact the song has on its loyal fan base.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the Twenty One Pilots’ new song doesn’t end up on any of the Billboard hit list charts. With the group’s recent rise to fame, their fan base seems to be growing in numbers, giving them a greater reach for their music and allowing others to enjoy a new sound of rock that they may have been missing out on before.

The group was catapulted into fame after the success of their 2015 album Blurryface. Since then, fans can’t get enough of their music and have used the word-of-mouth technique to advertise their love for the band.

The new single was released yesterday (June 15), and we can assume the new single will pick up steam. Check out the “Heathens” lyrics on Genius now!