Having just crossed the halfway point for the season, Hawaii Five-0 season 6 episode 13, Umia Ka Hanu (meaning “Hold The Breath”) has quite a bit of buildup. And in this Grover-centric episode, things will get a little bit different; after all, there aren’t a lot of similarities between Hawaii and Chicago!

Last episode, Steve’s Aunt Deb returned following the passing of her husband to scatter his ashes, but it turned out that that wasn’t all; she was knocking on death’s door herself from her previously diagnosed brain tumor and had a bucket list she wanted help finishing off. Meanwhile, the team also had to deal with someone stealing a bunch of old Japanese bombs from a hidden bunker, and the bombs were unstable and still functional! And in the one moment of levity, Chin and Agent Dunn’s romance progressed.

Hawaii Five-0 season 6 episode 13 could be even more emotional as Grover returns to the “Windy City” to confront his former best friend, returning character Clay Maxwell, who also happens to be the man who murdered his wife. The preview video you can watch online shows just how far Grover is willing to go, as he assaults, kidnaps, ties up, and potentially tortures Clay until he confesses! And in the episode’s subplot, we’ll see Chin and Kono being held up at gunpoint by two criminals who have killed before. The thing is that these crooks don’t know that the people they’re currently aiming their guns at are cops. Chin and Kono have also shown strong chemistry in previous episodes when it comes to getting the job done, so the dynamic and how they get out of this situation alive should be interesting for viewers.


Hawaii Five-0 season 6 episode 13, Umia Ka Hanu (“Hold The Breath”), airs tonight at 9 p.m. EST on CBS and will be available to watch online later.  Be sure to check out just how far Grover gets pushed in what could be a very important episode. If you still need to catch up, you can watch online—five episodes are available for free on the CBS web site, while all 130 past episodes can be unlocked through CBS All Access.

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