The latest mid-season premiere episode of the hit CBS police drama Hawaii Five-0 will reveal how Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Danny “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan) work out their partnership issues when they sign up for a couple’s retreat! That’s right; a couple’s retreat, courtesy of McGarrett, who signs up with partner Danny under the pretense of it being mandatory therapy sessions for cops. But before he realizes the gaffe, it’s already too late.

The sneak peek of Hawaii Five-0 season 6 episode 11, titled Kuleana (meaning “one’s personal sense of responsibility”), shows the partners quibbling on a flight to the retreat in Maui when fellow passenger Alissa (Sara Kova), who is seated between them, gets pissed about their constant feud. At one point, she flips at their squabbling and asks, “Are you sure you two don’t want to sit together?” to which they reply in unison, “Absolutely not!” At least that’s one thing you’ll see them agree on when you catch the episode tonight. You can also watch it live on CBS All Access.

While the “couple” tries to mend their relationship woes in Maui, the rest of the team back in Oahu falls into jeopardy. In addition to the so-called “coupling” storyline, Hawaii Five-0 season 6 episode 11 will also show how Kamekona (Taylor Wily) gets haunted by his past. And this time, there’s no Kono (Grace Park) or the team to help Kamekona out as something from his past life returns to stir up trouble.


One of the show’s co-creators, Peter Lenkov, admitted that although Kamekona’s character always kept his history in the dark, it’s always been part of the character’s development. “We’ve always established that he had this backstory where he was in prison before we knew him as this huggy bear, lovable guy [sic],” said Lenkov.

Fans are definitely in for a treat once they see how the rest of Hawaii Five-0 season 6 episode 11 shapes up, especially when it comes to finding out what Kamekona hid from the team so far and if McGarrett and Danny really bury the hatchet when they return from the couple’s retreat. Find out by catching the episode on CBS tonight (January 8) at 8/9c, or if you don’t have access to cable, remember you can watch it live on CBS All Access.

Photo: Facebook/HawaiiFive0CBS

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