While there are certainly perks to being a celebrity, sometimes even the fame isn’t enough to get you out of a sticky situation—at least not when it comes to the law. In fact, it can make matters worse.

Harry Connick Jr., 24, has confirmed (albeit in not so many words) the recent reports that his daughter, 19-year-old Georgia Connick, had been arrested and charged for supplying alcohol to underage drinkers—it’s something a lot of teens probably do, but because of her famous last name, the news is spreading particularly fast.

The incident occurred on August 15 when Georgia allegedly threw an unsupervised party at the family’s house in Connecticut, while both of her parents were out of town. (Her mother is model Jill Goodacre.) A neighbor reportedly called police about underage drinking on the premises and when authorities showed up, many of the young partygoers (ranging in age from 18 to 20) scattered, running into the nearby woods to try and get away. Inside the house, cops allegedly found empty beer cans and bottles.


Since the party took place at her house, Georgia Connick was charged for allowing minors to be in possession of alcohol and for procuring alcohol for the minors. She maintains that the party was only supposed to be a small gathering, but things got out of hand when throngs of people unexpectedly showed up—which is understandable, considering it was a party at a superstar’s house.

Harry Connick Jr. has since released a brief statement about his daughter’s legal troubles, simply saying, “This is a private matter which are dealing with as a family,” adding, “We have no further comments.” Georgia Connick is expected to appear in court on September 2.


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