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The Harrison Ford juggernaut rolls on. His latest movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens has become the highest grossing movie ever in North America, grossing more than $778.0 million. Harrison Ford’s birthday was celebrated on July 13, 1942 making him Hollywood’s highest grossing actor ever. Harrison Ford’s movies have now grossed a total of $4.7 billion all over the world. Imagine what is Harrison Ford’s net worth? The answer is a whopping $210.0 million! So who is the lucky woman? Harrison Ford’s wife is former TV star Calista Flockhart, who first charmed audiences with her performance in the law based series Ally McBeal. So how old is Harrison Ford? Does it really matter? The 74 year old actor is the most bankable star that Hollywood has ever laid its eyes on! But we have the details for you, anyway!

The Money Maker

Viewers who saw Ford for the first time in Star Wars : The Force Awakens may think of him as a charming old man. But guess what? He played Hans Solo in the first Stars Wars film released way back in 1977! Since then, Ford has delivered one monster hit after another on a consistent basis throughout his career. He appeared in the Star Wars sequels, The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi, which created mayhem at the box office. Harrison Ford Star Wars series is also one of the most successful Hollywood franchises ever. This is not all. Ford has acted in one more of Hollywood’s most profitable franchises ever, the Indiana Jones series. After the thrilling success of Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Ford has appeared in its three sequels that had producers laughing all the way to the bank. For Harrison Ford, age is nothing but a number. He has proved this by chalking up big hits in every decade he has acted in. Like his role as CIA agent Jack Ryan in Patriot Games in 1992 and its equally successful follow up, 1994’s Clear And Present Danger. He also played lead roles in the action thrillers The Fugitive and Air Force One.

Shades of Ford

Make no mistake. Ford isn’t just a dependable action star. He is a really good actor as well. He has proved his acting chops in the Oscar nominated thriller The Witness. Ford got a best actor nomination for his role as a detective, proving that he can move the audience with his acting skills, as well. Other movies where Ford has displayed his acting skills include The Mosquito Coast, Frantic and Regarding Henry. Ford gave a sterling performance in director Ridley Scott’s all time sci-fi classic Blade Runner. Blade Runner is still the blueprint which futuristic films follow three decades after its release in 1992. Ford has delivered hits like the legal thriller Presumed Innocent and the spooky What Lies Beneath. If anyone feels Ford lacks a funny bone in his body, they are happily mistaken. Just watch Sabrina, Regarding Henry and Six Days Seven Nights. It is only in the last decade that some of Ford’s movies like K 19: The Widowmaker, Hollywood Homicide, Firewall and Extraordinary Measures have under performed.

Fighting to Save the Environment

Don’t make the mistake of writing him off just yet. Ford has some exciting movies lined up like the fifth installment of the Indiana Jones series and the sequel to Blade Runner. One reason that Ford is doing so few movies now is because he is devoting a lot of time to his family, who can be described as big, with five children and three grandchildren. Harrison Ford’s children have been deliberately kept out of the Hollywood limelight so that they could have a normal upbringing. Ford lives with his family in his huge palatial house on an 800 acre ranch in the city of Jackson, Wyoming. Being an avid environmentalist, he has donated half of his ranch as a nature reserve. Ford has produced and appeared in several documentaries where he has spoken about the importance of protecting the environment. Ford has been quietly making efforts to enlighten people about the need to stop the degradation of our natural reserves.

A Man of Substance

There is more to Ford than his acting career. He is a trained and qualified pilot. He can fly both helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts. Always the good Samaritan, he has assisted local rescue authorities in their efforts to help hikers who often get lost in that area. Ford also has several brand endorsements like General Aviation Serves America, Got Milk, Kirin Beer and Playstation 3. He also supports several charities, as well. Ford is like old wine; he only gets better with age.