Harrison Ford and Rob Lowe’s Golden Globes Reunion!

Rob Lowe Photoshoot Instagram

Although he missed out on an award, Rob Lowe had a great night at the Golden Globes. The 51-year-old shared several snaps of his evening, but the highlight was the photo he took with legendary actor Harrison Ford. The Grinder star wrote in the caption, “Catching up with an old pal at the #goldenglobes #timeless #icon.”

The comments section was filled with praises for the two men and how great they still look. Fans remarked, “Omg I’m so jealous!” and, “Two of my favorite people ever [sic].” One even pointed out how “rad” it was that the two were actually hanging out together.

Rob Lowe Golden Globes Harrison Ford Star Wars Episode VII

Photo: Instagram/robloweofficial

What most people don’t know is the interesting fact that Lowe is actually a huge Star Wars fan and was present on the original set of the movie! The handsome star used his connections to get a special tour just for himself, to score himself a visit to the set of Star Wars: Episode IV.

Unfortunately though, Lowe won’t be starring in any of the Star Wars films. However, he is set to appear in the 3D action-comedy Monster Trucks, which is scheduled for an early 2017 release. If you do not want to wait so long to see Lowe on your screen, he currently stars in The Grinder for which he earned a Golden Globe and People’s Choice nomination.

The rest of Lowe’s night at the award function was spent taking epic selfies. He took one with Gerard Butler while on the red carpet, and another with the creator of his earlier hit show, The West Wing. Lowe also shared an adorable snap with his wife, Sheryl Berkoff with a rather cheesy caption. Despite the loss he won hearts when he wrote, “Always a winner with this Golden Girl.”

Rob Lowe Golden Globes The Grinder Wife Sheryl Berkoff

Photo: Instagram/robloweofficial

Image Source: Instagram/robloweofficial



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