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He is famous for his political as well as socio-political raps. Additionally, he is also a talented actor. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about Ice Cube. Since it is his birthday today (June 15), we thought of compiling a list of the  best Ice Cube movies for his fans, but, first lets all wish him a happy birthday: have a very happy birthday, Ice Cube!

His real name is O’Shea Jackson, Ice Cube being his stage name. He was born on June 15, 1969, in the Compton neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles. He is the son of Doris and Hosea Jackson. Ice Cube has been interested in hip hop music since childhood. He wrote his first rap when he was in ninth grade. His first rap song was sold at the age of 16. Since he was also passionate about architecture, he enrolled himself in the Phoenix Institute of Technology. He had kept architecture as his backup plan, in case the whole rapping career didn’t pan out. He majored in architectural drafting and finished his program in one year.

He is termed as one of the most brutally honest rappers. He is also known as MC of the iconic hip hop group N.W.A., which was formed back in 1986. Once upon a time, he was a part of rap groups such as C.I.A. and N.W.A. His album Straight Outta Compton was a huge hit, which eventually earned him a title as a respected hip hop artist. The Ice Cube net worth is $140.0 million, earned all because of his hard work in movies, rap songs, and from endorsements.

On the occasion of Ice Cube’s birthday, we have listed down his five best movies, which will certainly bring back old memories.

Five Best Ice Cube Movies

Three Kings

Directed by David O. Russell, this movie had major actors such as Mark Wahlberg, George Clooney, and Ice Cube. The plot of this movie revolves around three military men who set out to recover gold stolen from Kuwait during the 1991 Iraqi uprising. However, on their way, they come across people who desperately need their assistance with their own problems. Ice Cube’s acting in the movie was impeccable as we saw him getting down and dirty in the dangerous battlefield. As mentioned earlier, he is brilliant when it comes to serious roles.


Although the movie Anaconda received negative reviews, it was a major hit for viewers. Release in 1997, the movie starred Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, and Eric Stoltz. The movie is about a hunter who is on a quest to find the world’s deadliest snake. For this purpose, he enlists a National Geographic crew and takes them along for his hunt. Ice Cube played the role of Danny Rich, a cameraman in the movie. Although, his role was initially small, it was because of his character that Terri Flores (Jennifer Lopez) was saved in the movie.

Ride Along

Ice Cube is also known for his comedy roles. In this particular movie, he plays the role of detective James Payton. Kevin Hart is also in this movie and plays the comic relief while Ice Cube plays the straight man. Kevin Hart was, undoubtedly, hilarious, which ultimately proves that Ice Cube’s on-screen chemistry is awesome with comedians.


What happens when all the MC’s and comedians come together for a movie? The Barbershop series includes some of the finest stars, such as Anthony Anderson, Eve, Michael Ealy. It is a light comedy movie that will definitely make you laugh and cry at the same time. Ice Cube plays the role of Calvin, who is the owner of a barbershop. He fills the role of the owner after his father passes away, but tries out a number of get-rich-quick schemes to earn some extra cash. This movie was a big hit among the fans.


It is not just one movie but it also has two sequels to it, and you will end up falling in love with them all. It is a series of comedy films starring Ice Cube and John Witherspoon. The film centers around Ice Cube and Chris Tucker’s characters who smoke a drug dealer’s weed and are trying to figure out how will they repay him the same day. A quite entertaining movie, which also reminds us that another Friday movie sequel should happen pretty soon.