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Today (June, 15) marks the birthday of Friends star Courteney Cox. For those who are wondering about Courteney Cox’s age, she turned 52 today, but definitely looks far younger. Before digging more into details about her life and movies, lets first wish her a very happy birthday. So, happy birthday, Courteney Cox!

We all still remember her as Monica Geller from the beloved television series Friends. She has earned a high reputation in the industry and has done several television shows such as Cougar Town and Dirt and movies like The Runner and  3000 Miles to Graceland. In the year 2016, her new movie Mothers and Daughters also hit the theaters. Having said that, on the occasion of her birthday, we have listed down Courteney Cox best movies. Read them and take a walk down the memory lane.

Top 5 Courteney Cox Movies List


Talk about your professional and personal life going in the right direction. Cox played the role of mean and smug TV reporter Gale Weathers in the movie. She went on to play the same character in all the three sequels of Scream. She not only received good reviews for her outstanding performance in the movie, but she also met her ex-husband David Arquette on set. He played the role of her on-screen love interest, Dewey, but they ended up falling in love with each other in real life.


Released in the year 2004, this movie is an American psychological thriller. The story revolves around Sophie (Courteney Cox), who is a photographer. Her life begins to straighten out following a bad incident, which involved her boyfriend (James Legros). It’s a mind-boggling movie with an open ending means viewers can come up with their own conclusion about the movie.

The Runner

A crime thriller starring Courteney Cox and Ron Eldard, this movie is all about a gambler (Eldard), who has a gambling addiction and gets himself into a huge debt because of it. Later, he starts working for a gangster as a “runner” to place bets with several bookies. Initially, he never thinks about taking all the money and running away, but later the temptation kicks in and he puts his life and job in jeopardy to buy a ring for his girlfriend (Cox) from his employer’s funds.

The Shrink Is In

Finally, this American comedy film in which Cox plays the role of Samantha, a travel journalist. She goes to a psychiatrist, played by Carol Kane, to get over her boyfriend. As life is unpredictable, her psychiatrist ends up having a nervous breakdown due to which Samantha has to cancel her appointment. As destiny would have it, her new neighbor (played by David James Elliott) walks in for his session. Because he’s never really seen his new therapist, Samantha pretends to be one and tries to win him over. This movie is actually funny because Samantha also has humorous encounters with her therapist’s other clients.

Down Twisted

In this 1987 thriller movie, Courteney Cox plays the role of an innocent and kindhearted waitress who does not think twice before helping out her roommate. Little does she know that her assistance will put her in trouble and that she will be fleeing for her life. It was certainly a change to see Cox in such a role, and the movie has a good plot.