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Happy birthday, Blake Shelton! American country singer Blake Shelton turns 39 today (June 17). He has amazed everybody with his amazing voice, and we are sure many people out there have a huge crush on this singer. On the occasion of his birthday, we have compiled a list of the top five songs of Blake Shelton.

List of Blake Shelton’s Five Best Songs


Talk about second chances! If you are having trouble in your relationship and need time to decide whether you still want to be with your spouse or partner then you should definitely play this song. Shelton made his debut with the single “Austin,” and this song ranked number one and retained the same position for five weeks on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. This song talks about how a songwriter breaks up with his girlfriend and she moves to Austin. After she moves out of the city, he realizes his mistake. In the hope that she will call him, he leaves her a message on her answering machine claiming that he still loves her. So, this song is basically about giving a second chance to the one you love and seeing if things work out.

“She Wouldn’t Be Gone”

This song was co-written by Cory Batten and Jennifer Adan. This song was included in Shelton’s fifth studio album, Startin’ Fires, and it was released in November of 2008. This song is, again, about love and how we fail to realize something so important until we lose it. This song’s lyrics tell a story about a couple. The girl is tired of her boyfriend’s behavior and warns him that if this continues, she will leave him one day, and she does. That guy was confident about his love and he believed that no matter what she would not leave him, but she does. Now, in this song, he is searching for her everywhere and realizes his mistake.

“The Baby”

This song is for all the parents out there who treat their kids like babies no matter their age. This song will definitely get you teary-eyed. It is a song about a mother’s love for her son. When her son turns 21 and starts working, he calls up his mother to say that her son is a grown man, but his mother says that he will still be her baby even when he is 80. Anytime you listen to this song, it will make you emotional, but you can always call up your parent and tell them how much you love them!

“God Gave Me You”

This song is all about gratitude and about how thankful you are for your partner who stood by you during your ups and downs. We all should cherish these things in our partner and should be thankful for such awesome people being in our lives. Also, we should hold on to such people and express our love to them. It is a cover of a song by Dave Barnes., but even though it was a cover, fans love this song.

“Goodbye Time”

People with broken hearts can certainly relate to this song. It is a breakup song about one who wants to hold on to the relationship but the other decides to walk away because they don’t feel the love anymore. Then comes the guilt and regret about entering into relationships if they are only meant to end. The singer also talks about saving their heart from getting hurt if only it was meant to be broken in the end.